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15 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Good Copywriter

Copywriting is all about building your brand better with words that impact.

Words that inspire some form of positive action that benefits your brand overall.

Whether that be an email signup, a new enquiry or turning a lead into a customer.

But before you say “I’m great with words and I can do it” – take a deep breath and understand the 15 reasons why you need to hire a good copywriter (as opposed to doing it yourself).

Read on or use the table of contents to ‘jump’ to a specific section in the post.

Table of Contents

1. Bad Copy Stinks (and hurts your brand)

Bad copy (whichever way you look at) tarnishes your brand’s image and limits your opportunity to convert and maximise revenue.

Bad copy comes in many forms, for example:

  • Plagiarised copy (a notable 13th copywriting sin not mentioned here)
  • Mistake copy (discussed in 15. better proofreading)
  • Low standard copy (the type that offers little value to the user).

Because they don’t say ‘content is king’ (here’s why) for nothing.

So if you’re copy does not ‘connect’ quickly with your target audience (for whatever reason) it will stink as only ‘great’ copy:

  • Engages
  • Informs
  • Persuades.

And you’re copy will never ‘persuade’ and entice some form of action (the goal) if it’s just words placed on the page (with no strategic direction).

Note: Human attention span is shorter than a goldfish and so copy that stinks will quickly have your user:

  • Hitting the back button (to find a better web resource)
  • Leaving (and going back to enjoy the rest of their day).

Takeaway: Bad copy is like the rotten apple you wish you had never bitten into but worse. The difference is bad copy is ‘make or break’ for your brand while one bad apple is no deal-breaker (it happens occasionally over a lifetime of purchasing apples). So say ‘yes’ to only ‘great copy’ because ‘bad copy’ will always stink. And the difference between ‘bad copy’ and ‘great copy’ is not a lot – because it only takes one small thing for your copy to stink.

2. Be Objective (not subjective)

So you know your business better than anyone else and you think you’re the most suitable person to craft content for your brand.

But sorry ‘knowledge’ does not grant you the right to be the ‘content creator’ to build your brand better.

Because even though you may deny it, your attachment to your brand makes you ‘biased’ and this will shine through in your copy long-term.

What you need is ‘objective’ content that analyses your:

  • Brand
  • Product/services (from every angle).

That way your copy is not only polished, but it doesn’t have weaknesses that lessen conversions (that you may overlook if you did it yourself ‘subjectively’).

This is where a good copywriter comes in.

A good copywriter will:

  • Look at the big picture (fast tracking your success)
  • Understand your strengths (and capitalise on these)
  • Understand your weaknesses (turning them into strengths).

Takeaway: Communication in copywriting is everything and part of this communication for any good copywriter is the ability to help your brand take one big step back and ‘objectively’ craft content that is ‘clear’ to your target audience. And this ‘clarity’ can only come by hiring a good copywriter with fresh eyes.

3. Grow Your Business (by freeing up your time)

Time is money – it’s that simple.

So if you dedicate time to crafting content for your brand that’s ‘valuable’ time that could be spent on other high-value activities that grow your business.

Focusing on high-value activities (that bring the most value to your business) boosts your bottom line.

For example:

  • Product or service development
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Project management.

And obviously, content creation is a high-value activity (that sits within content marketing) but ask yourself, do you:

  • Have time to write?
  • Even like to write?
  • Know what it takes to write?

Because if the answer is ‘no’ to any of these – hiring a good copywriter will:

  • Require an initial investment of time (to lay the foundations for success)
  • Free up your time mid to long term (as a good copywriter gets on with it).
  • Make content king for your business (with little input from you).

Takeaway: For your brand, results are all that matter. And only ‘effective’ use of your time where you focus on the big picture will achieve that. Emotive Brand here summarises this perfectly, saying “The Big Picture Demands Time.” So the only way forward is to free up your time and hire a good copywriter that excels at sweating over every word for maximum results.

4. Improved Execution (your baseline for success)

A good copywriter can improve the execution of your content marketing strategy as they have the 6 essential skills for a copywriter.

That is, they have:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Powerful headline crafting abilities
  • Familiarity with WordPress
  • Image software know-how
  • Marketing awareness.

And to elaborate on ‘marketing awareness’, when you hire a good copywriter, this marketing awareness extends to:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Psychology
  • Human behaviour.

So realistically do you have that skillset or not?

Because if you don’t – results are not guaranteed as execution is everything to content success.

And even if you do believe you have ‘most’ or ‘all’ of these skills, only a knowledge of the 80% art of copywriting (mentioned in this post) is what will allow for improved execution.

Besides different content (like blog copy, website copy, and video script copy) requires different ‘targeting.’

As it’s only superior targeting (that reaches your target audience) that can be executed = better results.

So your copywriter will employ different techniques for different forms of copy.

And that’s a ‘unique skill’ you’ll unlikely have unless you’re a copywriter yourself.

Takeaway: Medium summarise the need to execute best in this post. They state that execution is the biggest unsolved problem for most people (in other words many dream and few deliver). So put trust in a copywriter you’ve taken time to hire because as Medium state: “Superior execution is the greatest market differentiator there is.”

5. Get Better Results (with copywriting expertise)

Results are everything to your brand and research is the driver behind copywriting results.

Because good copywriters are not only ‘professional’ and ‘experienced’ but masters of the ‘fundamentals.’

They know:

Here are all the results you can achieve, when you hire a good copywriter to craft your content, as opposed to doing it yourself:

  • Create a better strategy (and without this you can’t execute)
  • Capture your product/services (by selling the benefits)
  • Establish your tone of voice (how you communicate with your audience)
  • Achieve content variation (with diversity being important)
  • Inspire creativity (and that is what brings ideas to life)
  • Make content king (with concise, engaging and persuasive copy)
  • Generate more sales (through persuasive copy that inspires action)
  • Increased ROI (by building your brand better)
  • Expand your reach (tapping into new opportunities for your brand)
  • Be a brand this is remembered (crucial with short attention spans).

Takeaway: The results speak for themselves. And when you hire a good copywriter, they won’t settle for the current results. In other words, they will track, measure and improve every element of your copywriting campaign to ensure maximum results.

6. Beat Your Competition (with smarter strategies)

You know beating your competition is fundamental to your brand’s success.

And a good copywriter can achieve this with an effective content marketing strategy that builds you a ‘thought leadership’ brand.

‘Thought leadership’ brands are go-to brands that are recognised in their field of expertise.

We talked about evergreen content being the holy grail of content, and a ‘thought leadership’ brand is also the ‘holy grail’ of building a better brand.

That’s because a brand that achieves ‘thought leadership’ status has maximum levels of target audience:

  • Trust
  • Expertise
  • Authority.

And when a brand achieves ‘maximum’ levels in those 3 areas, you will:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Generate more leads
  • Improve social proof
  • Boost customer engagement.

Thought leaders (like Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft), a representative of a major brand, are more recognised in society than thought leadership companies.

But whether you want a ‘representative’ of your brand to be known as a thought leader or your brand to be known for thought leadership, you only have to look at American Express for inspiration.

They have built their brand from the ground up based on ‘thought leadership’ and that’s evident by their resources across the web – for example herehere and here.

Note: Here’s a great resource on how to build a thought leadership brand.

Takeaway: Don’t worry brands of any size can achieve ‘thought leadership’ status. And when you hire a good copywriter, they can help you by leveraging the best existing industry resources and authentically add value in a ‘humanised’ way that connects with your target audience and leaves them wanting more (often exceeding their expectations).

7. More than a Writer (think advanced marketer)

Even if you think you’re a great writer that’s not enough to qualify you to craft ‘strategic’ content for your brand that will convert.

We already debunked the myth that copywriting is just writing in this post.

Because good copywriters make all key decisions from an advanced marketing angle for best results.

As part of their marketing knowledge (and all before crafting a single word) they know how to do effective:

And on top of this, any good copywriter you hire has a great understanding of:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Psychology
  • Human behaviour.

Finally, a good copywriter can write on any topic within any industry (because industry knowledge is overhyped in copywriting as per this post).

Takeaway: So put the thoughts of a copywriter just being a writer to the ‘back of your mind’ and think of them like an ‘advanced marketer.’ Because when you have this ‘thought process’ you will get a better understanding of why ‘content is king.’ And that’s because the ‘psychology’ behind it is only the ‘right words’ (not any) that appeal to human emotion first (and logic second) will inspire some form of action that positively benefits your brand.

8. Superior Communication (and that's everything)

Disclaimer: We are not saying you don’t have superior communication skills!

But any good copywriter you hire should be a naturally ‘gifted’ communicator.

And we talked about why communication in copywriting is everything in this post.

Simply: All the copywriting process requires superior communication to turn your brand’s key problems into better solutions.

Because there is an 80% art to copywriting (discussed in this post) that is essential to execute for best results for your project.

But ‘art’ (as you know) can be ‘subjective’ and even messy (like the painting down at your art gallery you might dislike).

So any good copywriter will have a ‘system’ in place that is not only broken down into key project steps but always makes sense to you (as the brand owner) because of the superior communication that is:

  • Easily understood (so it never leaves you guessing)
  • Proactive (so more gets done)
  • Actionable (so you can get to the important results sooner).

Takeaway: Effective communication is key to your business’ success. And in copywriting it’s everything to success (as discussed in this post). So when you hire a good copywriter you should expect ‘excellence’ with communication. Because with this communication a copywriter can take your business to the next level.

9. Better Consistency (nothing being more important)

So you think you’re a great writer and want to be the long-term content creator for your brand.

But can you do it consistently?

And you can forget about ‘content creation’ being a:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly task.

Because let’s just say your blog posting schedule is ‘weekly’ – that still requires a ‘daily’ commitment to content creation as a ‘comprehensive topic’ focus (the next evolution of SEO) where you craft longer content takes:

  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Time to produce (often daily).

What matters most is satisfying user intent (as discussed in this post) when crafting copy but the longer content tends to performs better in search engines (like Google) for the 3 reasons we mentioned in this post.

So now let’s come back to that question again.

Can you create content ‘consistently’ on a ‘daily’ basis where you can say dedicate ‘time’ to crafting 500 high-quality words a day (how to do that discussed in this post).

And do that for the rest of the existence of your brand, remembering that:

  • Time is money and you need to grow your business (spoken about in 3.)
  • Copywriting expertise will get you better results (spoken about in 5.)
  • Content is more than words on a page (spoken about in 7.).

Takeaway: So guessing you answered ‘no’ to the consistency question (after digesting all of this). And that’s good that you recognise the importance of ‘consistency’ – because all the top brands in the world don’t get to the top by chance. It’s because not only do they outperform their competition, but they do it consistently on a ‘daily’ basis with their actions. You too can do the same for your brand too (no matter the size).

10. SEO Knowledge (critical to your online visibility)

Effective SEO generates ‘targeted’ traffic which turn inbound leads into sales.

And the beauty of SEO is many costs are one-time investments that you get recurring benefits from (even for the rest of the existence of your brand).

So that is why SEO offers one of the highest ROI of all digital marketing methods (due to the low-cost).

Radd Interactive (in this resource) sourced data from Statista that: “Put SEO on top with 32% of marketers worldwide saying it offers the highest ROI.”

All this means SEO is critical to your online brand visibility – and so your copywriter should have good SEO knowledge.

SEO knowledge is one of the 6 essential skills for a copywriter and so be sure to assess their SEO capabilities before hiring them.

But before you raise your expectations too high for a copywriter – remember that a copywriter is not a SEO specialist – so they are not responsible solely for your online visibility.

Takeaway: A copywriter with good SEO knowledge can ensure your content is loved by both your target audience and Google (satisfying the critical user intent – Google’s number #1 goal – discussed in this post). But remember SEO can be complex to the average business owner (with over 200 ranking factors) and so it’s a SEO specialist (not a copywriter) that is responsible for getting you to the first page.

11. Satisfy User Intent (Google's number #1 goal)

Simply: A copywriter fails if they don’t solve the main problem of their target audience with their content (user intent).

It’s fundamental to success and we demystified user intent in this post (with examples) but all you need to know is that it’s Google’s number #1 goal to not only ‘satisfy’ user intent but:

  • Keep all users happy (with a loyal following to the Google brand)
  • Improve its results (so that only the best resources rise to the top)
  • Make the web a better place (for everybody).

So when you hire a good copywriter they can fulfill ‘user intent’ and grow your brand more effectively by solving key customer problems that make a difference in their life.

They do this through their:

  • Knowledge of SEO (spoken about in 10.)
  • Objective viewpoint (spoken about in 2.)
  • Marketing mindset (spoken about in 7.).

Takeaway: It doesn’t matter how good your copy is – if it doesn’t satisfy user intent – your copy will stink. And as we mentioned in 1. the difference between ‘great copy’ and ‘bad copy’ can be just one small thing. So leverage off your copywriter’s ability to solve problems – because they’ll need to do that ‘consistently’ with all content crafted long-term for your brand.

12. Leverage Social Media (for big gains)

In our post 22 things you should never do on social media we stated that using social media to grow your brand is a no-brainer with “4.48 billion active users worldwide in 2022.”

But (and again as we stated in that post) there is a ‘right way’ and a ‘wrong way’ to leverage social media.

So if you take on the ‘social media’ responsibility yourself and don’t avoid the 22 things you should never do on social media then your brand risks significant:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Reputation loss.

Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to hire a good copywriter because you know they will:

  • Have an effective social media strategy (the most fundamental aspect)
  • Know the best platforms to use (most relevant to your brand)
  • Speak to your target audience (critical for the right connection)
  • Know about different content styles (to find the best match)
  • Have a focus on quality only (as the numbers game never works)
  • Understand the social media rules (that are important to stick to).

Takeaway: Overall, a good copywriter can take an ‘objective’ point of view (that we spoke about in 2.) and promote your brand by building relationships with real people (what social media is all about). This is as opposed to doing it yourself where you risk promoting your brand in a ‘salesly’ and ‘one sided’ way (a big ‘no’ on social media).

13. Fresh Ideas (and content)

As American radio speaker and author Earl Nightingale once said: “Everything begins with an idea.”

And when you hire a good copywriter you should expect a ‘consistent’ flow of ideas to grow your brand:

  • Short
  • Mid
  • Long-term.

Note: If you are in the process of hiring a copywriter, just look at their blog.  Because if it’s ‘non-existent’ or not ‘maintained’ (that’s a bad sign).

You’re focus should be on ‘growing’ your business (as we mentioned in 3.) and so you’ll need fresh ideas (that are acted upon) to build your brand better.

Because fresh content ideas will be needed for the rest of the existence of your brand as it’s critical for:

Takeaway: Helen Keller summarises ‘fresh ideas’ perfectly when she once said: “Ideas without action are useless.” So maybe you have many great ideas content ideas flowing around in your head daily. But what is the point if you don’t have the time to implement them. And that’s why when you take the time to hire a good copywriter you’ll follow this simple formula: Idea > actioned > results.

14. Make Anything Exciting (even the boring)

So whatever the content is – you think it’s boring.

You even think it’s so boring that it’s not worth publishing.

But when you hire a good copywriter they can turn the dull/lifeless into engaging, meaningful and actionable content that converts.

And your good copywriter can do this through different methods like:

Takeaway: As you can see from the list, a good copywriter has many different best practice copywriting techniques it can follow to turn boring content into exciting content (that converts too). And when you take the time to hire a good copywriter, you will quickly find that the word ‘boring’ is not in their vocabulary. Because they will satisfy your target audience by narrowing down your ideal customer and giving them what they already want (and that’s to your brand’s advantage).


15. Better Proofreading (to catch all mistakes)

One content mistake is all it takes for your brand to stink.

Whether that be a:

  • Typo in a social media post
  • Grammar mistake on your website
  • Untrue sentence made in a blog post.

That’s the reality – it’s just one mistake that makes you stink.

And no it’s not because of grammar nazis.

It’s because your target audience is today savvier than 10 years ago due to factors like:

  • Technology advancements
  • Increased online competition (with low barriers to entry)
  • Increased expectations (of the value they should be receiving).

So when you hire a good copywriter don’t expect them to have graduated with a masters in English grammar but instead expect them to be a:

  • Master of the English language (with high spelling and grammar standards)
  • High attention to details person (producing flawless content with no errors)
  • Proofreader (that not only proofreads to spot errors but to improve the content).

Takeaway: We’ll say it one last time – one content mistake is all it takes for your brand to stink. And so, if you’re not a highly-skilled copywriter and take on the content role yourself – maybe you’ll make no mistakes short to mid-term but what about long-term? When you’re consistently busy and have little time for content creation. This is where your trustworthy copywriter will shine. So engage one (and hire a good one, following this process) and expect consistent mistake free content. And sure, during the ‘review’ process the occasional mistake may be spotted – but with effective proofreading by your copywriter before publishing – your content should be error-free.


So now you know the 15 reasons why you need to hire a good copywriter (as opposed to doing it yourself).


Diligently go through the 4 stages (in the tables) mentioned in the definitive guide to hiring a copywriter and carefully select a copywriter that ticks all these boxes.

Then (optional but recommended for maximum results)

Understand how to brief a copywriter (with this table explanation/free template) and learn the 3 expectations a copywriter and client must have to ensure success.


Remember as American advertising executive Leo Burnett once said: “I’ve learned that any fool can write a bad ad, but that it takes a real genius to keep his hands off a good one.”

So treasure your ‘good’ copywriter, let them execute and watch your brand grow.

Over to You…

Do you agree with 15 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Good Copywriter? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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