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What You Don’t Want

  • Boring unexciting copy
  • To confuse Google
  • To waste money

What You Want

  • Professional Captivating Copy
  • SEO Friendly Copy
  • Return on Investment
Picture of a Copywriter Using Keyboard

I Know You

  • You are a small business owner with big dreams.
  • You are a busy agency with non-stop workflow.
  • You are a big corporate brand with big needs.

You Need

  • Premium copy that is affordable.
  • Authoritative copy that pleases Google.
  • Conversion copy that makes leads act.

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“Kieran is an amazing and talented copywriter. He has written many creative articles for our website, helping with branding, and boosted our SEO dramatically. Topping the google search results for various keywords. We appreciate all his help and highly recommend him to anyone that wants results!”
– Mitch Chan, Owner of Skill Post Aussie Freelancers

Brisbane’s #1 Copywriter

Professional Captivating Copy

Your business needs to:

  • Captivate
  • Engage, and
  • Persuade

Quickly, concisely and emotionally through impact.

Conversion Focused Copy

Your business needs:

  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Sales

Results with proven methods that inspire action taking.

Premium Yet Affordable

Your business needs a:

  • Premium
  • Affordable, and
  • Results

Copywriting service that focuses on the big picture.

SEO Friendly

Your business needs:

  • Trust
  • Respect, and
  • Lots of

Google authority to build maximum presence online.

My Copywriting Service Focuses on What Matters – Conversions

I give you:

  • Results
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Unlimited revisions.


Professional captivating copy that drives more conversions to:

  • Your small business
  • Your agency, or
  • Your corporate brand.

I Will Help You with…

Professional Captivating Copy!

Content is King for Your Business

You are a:

Small Business
(run off your feet)

(with high work volume)

Corporate Brand
(with multiple needs)

That knows that…

Content is King to Driving More Conversions to Your Business

You are:

Desperately busy

Desperately needing to grow, and

Desperately looking for “content” help.

But you need the right content help for:

Your business needs

Your customers needs

Your project needs.

Understanding Your Business Needs

For You and Your Business

We live in a world of constant “technological” advancements but the best way to understand your business needs is simply through a phone call that is:

  • Concise
  • On-Topic, and
  • Results Driven.

Rather than focusing on all your business needs we will initially always focus on…

Your big picture business needs to get to the result sooner.

And by focusing on your “big picture” needs first it will allow us to get to all your business needs:

  • Faster.

Understanding Your Customer Needs

For You and Your Business

It all starts with:

  • Research.

But specifically, we are talking about 360° comprehensive:

Keyword Research

Market Research

Competitor Research

Because it does not matter how well you “think” or “think you know” the business – it’s all about…

Doing the research and making no costly assumptions that may end in failure.

This way we can ensure we are leaving no money on the table to drive more:

  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Sales.

Understanding Your Business Project

For You and Your Business

It is all about:

  • Listening

Before any action is taken!

But before we get down to the details of your project we will…

Discuss it together from a high-level and ensure it will be affordable for you.

Once “affordability” and “budget” have been discussed we will focus on what matters:

  • The Big Picture
  • Conversions
  • Results.

Developing a Strategy

For You and Your Business

The copywriting strategy implemented simply:
  • Helps you understand what you need to “create”
  • “Why” you need to create it, and ultimately
  • “How” you need to create it.
Every winning moment in copywriting all starts with a comprehensive yet concise…

Winning copywriting strategy.

One that drives more:

  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Sales.

Writing the Content

For You and Your Business

Great content is all about:

  • Communication.

There is absolutely no point in putting my head down, bum up and fiercely crafting content when I write that is not in line with…

Your business needs and ultimately your customers needs.

Because no matter how conversion driven the copy is it ultimately has to be crafted to your unique:

  • Business needs
  • Business style
  • Business brand.

Measuring Success

For You and Your Business

Copywriting success is absolutely nothing without:
  • Measurement.
We may have done all the groundwork keyword research, market research & competitor research. We may have taken time to understand the business, developed a strategy, and crafted winning content.

But not measuring copywriting success is like walking aimlessly in the dark!

Because you must measure your success in terms of:

  • Return on Investment.

Need Help Planning Your Website?

Kieran Duffey planning on copywriting objectives

What I Can
Do for You

Professional captivating copy that drives more conversions


Captivate, engage and persuade your target audience

Website Copy Writing

Drive more leads, customers & sales with conversion copy

SEO Copywriting

Get Google love with superior copy that fulfills user intent

Blog Copywriting

Build your brand bigger, better & bolder with authority copy

Email Copywriting

Establish great relationships with value-driven copy

Small Business

Grow your business and dominate your market with direct response copy

Video Scripts

Forget 7 or 8 seconds… you only have ½ a second to impress

Keyword Research

Winning in SEO all starts with great keyword research

Information Architecture

Create the easiest and most pleasant experience for your users


That focuses only on the big picture – return on investment

“Kieran takes the time to understand the detail of what I wanted to convey and then crafts his copywriting magic to best fit the needs of my business and my target market. Kieran’s services have far exceeded my expectations, and this was money well spent. I would highly recommend Kieran’s copywriting service to anyone”
– Marty Tahere, Owner of Your Property Styled

Brands That Have Trusted me

picture of skillpost - copywriting client of kieran duffey
picture of elite speech - copywriting client of kieran duffey
picture of roller shutter people - copywriting client of kieran duffey
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What my Clients Say About me

10 Ultimate Reasons to Do Business with Kieran Duffey

With over 12 years experience in copywriting your business needs, success and results are put first with…

  • Professional copy
  • Friendly service
  • Captivating copy
  • Affordability
  • Engaging copy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Persuasive copy
  • Problem solving
  • Conversion copy
  • Results focus

Client Guarantees


Ready to help you with all your copy and website content writing needs with over 12 years copywriting experience. Before Brisbane have lived / worked in Sydney (4 years), London (5 years) and Melbourne (3 years). Bring life experience.


100% guarantee that all your copywriting work is always delivered on-time, within budget and delivered to the highest standards that will ultimately maximise return on investment for your business.


Professional captivating copy is 100% guaranteed to focus on conversions as goal. Copywriting results are obtained through captivating, engaging and persuading your target audience (leads) to take action.


Personalised, professional and reliable service. Give you a FREE no obligation quote. Genuinely want your experience with me to exceed your expectations – which is why I 100% guarantee your satisfaction with what I write.

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