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3 Steps to Writing 500 Words a Day

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Writing 500 words a day is a Copywriting ‘habit’ that can take you places.


It can create killer blog posts seamlessly.


It can make ‘hard’ seem easy.


It can take your Copywriting skills to the next level.


But only when you are:


Settle for imperfection, and

Fine tune for best results.



1. Be Prepared

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You will never master writing 500 words a day if you are not prepared.


Research is an obvious step that was discussed in the 3 Golden Keys to Success in Copywriting.


And as discussed here there is a ‘science’ to writing 500 words a day which includes:

Prioritising a set time of the day to write (and stick to it no matter what)

Mapping out your content calendar (with sequencing and deadlines)

Being able to access all your content ideas in one place (always).


But never neglect the ‘art’ as Copywriting is 80% Art and work on your mental game that will allow a:



Set, and

Write approach…


Each time you sit down in front of your keyboard or put pen to paper. 

person using mouse and keyboard

The benefits of visualisation are tremendous and to simplify the process try:


‘Visualising’ a baseball batter stepping up to the plate (prepared for absolutely anything).


Or use whatever example works for you but keep it:

Simple, and to just

One thing.


Ultimately any person can master the ‘science’ of being prepared but ultimately it is those that master the ‘art’ that make writing 500 words a day:


A habit of excellence for life!



2. Settle for Imperfection


Just keep writing and never ‘perfect’ in this step because:


Step 3 (Fine Tine) is where you will get your content to your acceptable standard (discussed in this post).


Never get caught in the infinite loop of perfectionism and procrastination as explained here.


You are ‘prepared’ from step 1 and now it’s time for your instinct to kick in (Golden Key 3 of 3 discussed in this post).


Get it done and Just Do It as Art Williams would say.


Because ultimately a:




Content writing experience will kill all your ‘momentum’ and this is Copywriting Sin #4 of 12 discussed in  this post.


Ultimately as Henry Ford once said:


“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”


So just write!



3. Fine Tune

man holding large spanner


Exactly as it sounds!


You have written content based off:

Your preparation, and



But your content needs to be fine tuned to ensure it meets your high standards as discussed here.


So, go on…


‘Get in there’ and proofread your content (as many times as necessary) to make it:




And the beauty of this step is it’s far simpler to revise content quickly because it’s:



And even better?


As each day passes you will become a better writer which will:


Leave less fine tuning to do and more writing.


Yip Yip Hoorah!




3 Steps to Writing 500 Words a Day Wrap Up

video wrap

As the great Jim Rohn said:

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Write that down.

Keep it close.

And remember whenever you feel:


Lost, or



Writing 500 words a day is a habit worth getting ‘fanatical’ about because:


It not only makes a difference to your life but other people’s lives.


And with that be prepared for big results to come your way.


Over to You…

Do you agree or disagree with 3 Steps to Writing 500 Words a Day? Or is there something missing or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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