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Build your brand bigger, better & bolder with authority copy

Be The ‘Authority’ with my Blog Copywriting Service

My blog copywriting service sets your brand up to ‘win’ by creating you as the ‘authority’ in your market with problem-solving, long and personality-content that Google loves to rank.

Don’t bother wasting your time with short-form (500, 750 or whatever words) content that solve few problems.

Focus on what matters in your market by solving problems on big picture topics, as this allows you to build ‘trust’ and ‘expertise’ before becoming the authority.

My blog copywriting service focuses on these big picture topics for your brand.

Think of your blog as a handbag! Your blog should be a ‘fashion statement’ – much like a handbag is to a woman or man.

Takeaway: Rather than unproductively mining through the results of ‘keyword research’ and picking your next keyword, my blog copywriting service focuses on the ‘big picture topics’ that solve big problems. Because when you solve ‘big problems’ in your target market, you drive conversions to maximise return on investment.

Blog Copywriting is About Trust, Expertise & Personality

Trust, expertise and authority. That’s the order you build ‘authority’ for a blog post, right? Wrong! Because without injecting ‘personality’ into a blog post, you will fail.

It’s proven that longer content has greater SEO benefits that lead to higher search rankings (read more about that here if interested) because this content solves more, bigger and better problems.

But longer blog posts don’t have to be boring!

Because when they are captivating, engaging and persuasive, well laid out, structured, SEO optimised, useful, valuable and a great resource – then your target audience will be more likely to take action.

Takeaway: My blog copywriting service guarantees to ‘create’ you as the authority in your market by building trust, expertise and engaging your target audience with personality. That’s the secret to becoming the authority in your market.

The Blog Copywriting Process

Behind every ‘winning’ blog post is hours of comprehensive topic research. But all successful blog posts are about execution of research.

My blog copywriting service focuses on ‘strategically’ breaking down all the research to ensure it’s relevant, useful and valuable to your blog post.

And then we ‘execute’ by making sure that your blog post is ‘resourceful’ to your target market, by captivating, engaging and persuading your target audience to take action.

Takeaway: My blog copywriting service creates a better brand. The best brands in the world are built with authority, and that is how I can help create a better brand for you.

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Brands That Have Trusted me

Became More than I Thought it Could

“Kieran was great, his positive mindset along with his sound knowledge in blog posting allowed this project to become more than I thought it could. Highly recommend fantastic.”

Evan Kurzp, Owner, Fertility 2 Family

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