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Why Copywriting Will Always be 80% Art and 20% Science

Copywriting is 80% art and 20% science (always will be).

And copywriting without the ‘80% art’ is nothing more than human existence without something that we all need and that is ‘emotion.’

Humans like to pretend we are always ‘rational’ but we act on emotion first and logic second.

But how do you acquire the ‘80% art’ of copywriting if you are:

    • Not a natural artist like Picasso or Michelangelo
    • Not a highly skilled copywriter with years’ of experience
    • ‘Just’ not feeling it right now with art.

Simple. You need to:

  1. Understand the wonders of copywriting (like you breathe emotion)
  2. Have a passion for copywriting (like you feel emotion)
  3. Believe you are the authority (like you act on emotion).


1. Understand the Wonders of Copywriting (like you breathe emotion)

Copywriting is never about having all your biggest and baddest weapons, ready for battle with your archrival, like a monster jam-packed action ‘Terminator’ scene!

And besides, without all the well-worded ‘cheesy’ one-liners (by a clever copywriter) in any action film, there would be no:

  • Laughter (although often awkward and cringeworthy)
  • True engagement (a must to maintain suspense)
  • After-movie jokes (if the movie left a memorable impression on you!).

         As a copywriter it’s time to get ‘excited’ and understand that your biggest asset is understanding the power of words (some more powerful than others).

And that is the power of words to:

  • Reach (your target audience)
  • Connect (with your target audience)
  • Leave a lasting impression on your target audience (with the goal of getting them to take some form of action).

Think of the ‘wonders of copywriting’ like this.

You breathe a certain amount of times:

  • Per minute
  • Per hour
  • Per day.

Sounds like a real chore huh?

We all know it’s not, because we breathe effortlessly and without pain involuntarily.

Now imagine (suddenly) that each breath you take becomes voluntary.

Now that does become one ‘big’ chore:

  • Every day
  • Every week
  • Every year for the rest of your life!

Now imagine that you also find copywriting one big chore. 

And rather than each ‘breath’ you take, it’s every:

  • Letter
  • Word
  • Piece of content that you craft 

That is not only a big chore but requires major ‘willpower’ that leaves you wondering is copywriting meant to be this hard?!

And of course, the answer is ‘no’ because it’s only when you realise the:

  • Trust
  • Expertise
  • Authority

You can quickly build with each ‘word’ you passionately, thoughtfully and strategically type on your keyboard, that you can understand the ‘wonders of copywriting.’

Therefore, if you genuinely want to master the ‘80% art’ of copywriting that is essential is for success, next time you are in a lull:

  • Take one big deep breath (or three)
  • Sit back (maybe taking a sip of your pina colada)
  • Relax (by taking time to think more).

Because when you realise you do not have to become the next ‘Michelangelo’ or ‘Da Vinci, you will:

  • Start to appreciate copywriting more (and its true power)
  • Enjoy copywriting more (what it’s all about)
  • Be thankful (for the power in your hands).

2. Have a Passion for Copywriting (like you feel emotion)

Passion is not discovered, but rather developed (read more about that here).

And when you are passionate about copywriting it becomes a:

  • Effortless
  • Pleasurable
  • Rewarding activity (not task!).

Task = work and when you are ‘passionate’ about copywriting, you never associate copywriting with ‘work’, but rather a beautiful time where:

  • You are ‘absorbed’ in each moment (often with time standing still)
  • You are ‘enjoying’ each moment (and seizing it as well)
  • You are ‘having’ tons of fun (maybe too much sometimes!)

         Your passion = your emotion and this is what creates winning copy. 

This is the copy that makes people ‘feel emotion’ and inspires them to act in some way.

All the most famous artists (you can read a top 10 list here) live, breathe and even dream ‘passion’ in their sleep.

Because they know that ‘passion’ = no more work and no more boring day jobs.

Passion (which is part of the ‘80% art’ you need as a copywriter) is what gives you the winning edge over all your competition.

Because you know, you will push through with passion, when:

  • Times are tough
  • There is little money
  • There is a big challenge.

         But what if you don’t feel the passion for copywriting

If that’s the case, there is good news and bad news!

The bad news is that if you’re not ‘passionate’ as a copywriter (and that’s say a less than 7/10 rating), then It is difficult to succeed in copywriting because its a key component to the ‘80% art’ of copywriting.

But the good news is that passion is developed with some work on your part and by following these great tips.

It’s doubtful that you started copywriting without some feeling of passion!

It’s more likely that ‘somewhere’ along the way you lost the real reason you got into copywriting.

And rather than saying:

  • It was different then (my dream was bigger)
  • I only know now (because I never imagined it was like this).

Try to think bigger picture.

Was it because you thought you could:

  • ‘Connect’ with your words?
  • Make a ‘difference’ with your words?
  • ‘Inspire’ with your words?

And focus on what matters and that is making a difference in people’s lives!

Remember ‘words’ matter in our lives and every single:

  • Hour
  • Day
  • Year

         We create memories that last a lifetime through beautiful words.

3. Believe You are the Authority (like you act on emotion)

Belief is everything (read more about that here if interested).

And will come right out and say it – some copywriters lack ‘belief’ and no we’re not talking about the belief to:

  • Get out of bed each day (and make a better life for yourself)
  • Grow (and make yourself a better copywriter)
  • Succeed (at some specific date in the future).

All that belief is ‘necessary’ and ‘common’ in most copywriters but what about the belief that ‘you are the authority’ in copywriting.

And that is every single time you craft winning copy for your client.

Google is always looking for content that fulfills user intent (why it exists), and to do that you need to build:

  • Trust
  • Expertise
  • Authority with your target audience.

‘Trust’ and ‘expertise’ (like authority) are built over time, but it’s ‘authority’ that’s valued the most (like Google does) by your target audience in taking some form of action.

  • Visualise
  • Meditate
  • Practice.

Even go back to 1. understand the ‘wonders of copywriting’ and 2. have a ‘passion for copywriting’ if you have to.

Do whatever you need to do as a copywriter to acquire the ‘belief’ you are the go-to-authority copywriter for all clients.

But what if you lack copywriting experience, skills or expertise?

Because isn’t that what’s needed to build and acquire this belief in authority?

And the answer is no (heck you can even become a copywriter with no experience).

Experience, skills and expertise is the ‘20% science’ of copywriting again.

Because remember:

  • Belief (can be acquired quickly – read strategies here)
  • Authority (can be acquired quicker with belief).

Authority takes ‘time’ but rather than wishing you had a time machine to quickly move forward into ‘tons’ of authority you must (and quickly) acquire the belief that ‘you are the authority’ in copywriting.

Again (through whatever method it takes).

Then rather than it being months / years / decades to build authority, you will build authority each time you:

  • Effortlessly
  • Systematically
  • Methodically
  • Beautifully type away at your keyboard.

And then you can get ready to jump into your time machine and watch tons of trust, expertise and authority come your way faster than you can have dreamed of.

It’s only then (with this authority) that you seamlessly achieve the goal of getting your target audience to act on their emotion because your copy oozes ‘authority’ and they have no choice but to take some form of action.


Qualifications, learning from the best and experience is the 20% science of copywriting (that only gets you so far).

And when it comes to the 80% art of copywriting, remember this quote from famous French Impressionist artist Edgar Degas“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Because if you can make your target audience see what you see (consistently), you’ll take your copywriting to the highest level!

Over to You…

Do you agree that Copywriting is 80% Art and 20% Science? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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