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SEO copywriting is about pleasing your users (customers or leads for e.g.) with relevant, useful, engaging, compelling, valuable and resourceful content (ideally).

Unfortunately, many brands make the mistake of putting Google first and not the user. And when you are thinking of only Google’s needs (when crafting SEO copy) you forget about what is most important: Pleasing your leads and turning them into a customer (maybe even a life-long one).

My SEO copywriting services focuses on user intent (defined here), appealing to the user and solving user problems.

By (firstly) understanding ‘user intent’, we can isolate what the problem/s is within your target market, rather than thinking we know them.

By (secondly) appealing to the user (our target market) we can captivate, engage and persuade them.

And the only reason we have ‘persuaded’ them is that we have solved their problem.

Takeaway: We live in a world of problems and Google was invented to solve millions of problems daily. Therefore, the simple answer with SEO copywriting for your brand, is to solve a problem (and the right one).

The 100% White Hat SEO Copywriting Service You Need

My SEO copywriting service is 100% ethical, transparent and white hat. You can read more about the 10 steps here to complete a project for your brand (if you’re interested).

100% white hat SEO copywriting for your brand ensures you are abiding by Google’s terms and conditions, won’t get penalised by Google for breaking the rules and will get a lot of love from Google with your SEO copy.

By focusing on solving your target market’s problems effectively, we don’t have to worry about constantly reviewing Google’s terms and conditions. Because we are doing what Google wants and that is putting the user first.

SEO’s trying to ‘manipulate’ and ‘deceive’ search engines (with SEO copy) has been around since inception of SEO.

But the biggest problem with this approach, is that it’s not a long-term, brand building and return on investment approach.

Takeaway: We are only in this for the long term and therefore SEO copywriting ‘crafted’ for your brand, must be 100% white hat (like mine) to drive more conversions to your brand long-term.

The SEO Copywriting Process

The SEO copywriting process starts with results research. Because before we can create great content, we must complete comprehensive research to identify and completely understand problems (before solving them).

Once a problem/s is fully understood, we can create a better plan to craft content, that is the big 3, and that is relevant (to user intent), useful (to your user) and valuable (prompts your user to take action).

This is the 20% science to crafting SEO copywriting that will get results, and that leaves the remaining (which is) – SEO copywriting is 80% art.

Takeaway: It does not matter how relevant, useful and valuable your content is if you do not captivate, engage and persuade. Because without this, SEO copywriting won’t be effective for your brand, as your target audience won’t take the desired action.

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