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10 ultimate steps to your winning project

Awesome Google Reviews

Marty Tahere

“For a person who had little to no understanding of what copywriting was Kieran has educated me every step of the way by being patient, reliable and his communication...

Mitch Chang

“Kieran is an Amazing and Talented Copywriter. He has written many creative articles for our website, helped with branding, and boosted our SEO dramatically. Topping the google...

Christopher Crampton

“Kieran really knows his stuff, if you’re looking for someone who has a great marketing perspective to get your business firing he’s definitely your guy. We will continue to engage Kieran for our startup.”

10 Ultimate Steps to Your “Winning” Project

Scope Agreement

  • Brief sent to you to formulate and agree on scope
  • Brief can be finalised by email or over the phone
  • Fixed rate for your project is set.

Proposal with Deadline Set

  • Comprehensive proposal sent to you with deadline
  • Comprehensive proposal is your total cost for the project
  •  Comprehensive proposal must be signed to begin.

50% Payment to Begin Your Job

  • Begin your important project with 50% payment
  • Projects below $300 are 100% upfront
  • Payments terms are non-negotiable.


  • “Probe” interview conducted over phone
  • “Probe” interview can be done by email
  • “Probe” interview is targeted and saves a lot of time.

Show Time - Work Started

  • Your Copywriting or SEO work started
  • Total focus on meeting your project deadline
  • Results focus.

First Draft Sent

  • First draft sent for your important project
  • First draft sent in optimal format (whatever it is)
  • First draft always aims to get project right first time.

Revisions (if Needed)

  • Always remember the goal
  • Engage me on “revisions” if you need them
  • You have unlimited revisions until You are 100% Satisfied Guaranteed.

Your Review

  • You review the work for your important project
  • You must be 100% happy before signing off
  • Only sign off the work when you are 100% happy.

Final Payment

  • Your important project is now 100% complete
  • Will invoice you the final amount outstanding
  • You have 10 business days to settle the account.

What Next??

  • Both parties should be happy and appreciate feedback
  • Do you have more copywriting or SEO needs?
  • Let’s discuss your future copywriting or SEO needs.

Interested in
working together??

Brands That Have Trusted me

picture of skillpost - copywriting client of kieran duffey
picture of elite speech - copywriting client of kieran duffey
picture of roller shutter people - copywriting client of kieran duffey
picture of oz roofworks - copywriting client of kieran duffey

An Exceptional Professional

“Kieran provided an excellent and professional service. He was able to take my briefing and interpret it perfectly which allowed our company to gain the media attention we required. An exceptional professional.”

Kris Rozier, Founder, Awebit Apparel

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