Love from clients

Far Exceeded My Expectations

“For a person who had little to no understanding of what copywriting was Kieran has educated me every step of the way by being patient, reliable and his communication skills are second to none. While budget was always at the top of my list and I did not see the value in Kieran’s services he has far exceeded my expectations and this was money well spent. I would highly recommend Kieran’s copywriting service to anyone.”

Marty Tahere, Owner, Your Property Styled

Amazing and Talented Copywriter

“Kieran is an Amazing and Talented Copywriter. He has written many creative articles for our website, helped with branding, and boosted our SEO dramatically. Topping the google search results for various keywords. We appreciate all his help and highly recommend him to anyone that wants results!”

Mitch Chang, Owner, Skill Post Aussie Freelancers

Goes the Extra Mile for His Clients

“I've worked with Kieran on many projects and he is a great copywriter that really goes the extra mile for his clients. Whether it's a press release, blog post or meta titles and descriptions, Kieran's copy will be high quality, punchy and on point. I highly recommend working with Kieran.”

Ryan Hough, SEO Consultant, Perth Marketing Company

An Exceptional Professional

“Kieran provided an excellent and professional service. He was able to take my briefing and interpret it perfectly which allowed our company to gain the media attention we required. An exceptional professional.”

Kris Rozier, Founder, Awebit Apparel

Kieran Really Knows His Stuff

“Kieran really knows his stuff, if you’re looking for someone who has a great marketing perspective to get your business firing he’s definitely your guy. We will continue to engage Kieran for our startup. Thanks for your help so far Kieran!”

Christopher Crampton, Owner, Coach Pilates

Fantastic Product & Definitely Recommend

“Kieran went above and beyond to deliver a fantastic product. Has a lot of knowledge and I would definitely recommend him for copywriting.”

Mazviita Foto, Owner, Nannies Now

Went Above and Beyond

“Kieran was great to deal with. Went above and beyond to make sure we are happy with the work. A real copywriter!”

Walid Juma, Head Web Developer & SEO Specialist, LGT Digital

Very Knowledgeable & Consistent Good Communication

“Kieran did a great job with my task. He is very knowledgeable and provided consistent updates with good communication. Highly recommend!”

Tara Haffener, Speech-Language Pathologist, Elite Speech Therapy Services

Will Definitely Use Again

“Kieran was a pleasure to work with and provided me quality content for our new site. Will definitely use again. Cheers Matt T.”

Mathew Turnbull, Owner, OZ Roof Works & OZ Gutter Pro

Became More than I Thought it Could

“Kieran was great, his positive mindset along with his sound knowledge in blog posting allowed this project to become more than I thought it could. Highly recommend fantastic.”

Evan Kurzp, Owner, Fertility 2 Family

Very Happy with The Final Product

“Kieran is someone I truly recommend to work with. He is very professional and always responsive to any enquiry we ask for. Very happy with the final product and continues work that he does for our business. Kieran truly deserves the 5 star. Thanks again Kieran!”

Chris W, Owner, Roller Shutter People

Tailored to the Client

“Kieran's copywriting services are tailored to the client needs, target market and always managed professionally.”

Steven McDonnell, Chartered Accountant, McDonnell & Co

Expert in his Field

“I engaged Kieran to audit and refresh my website copy. Kieran quickly gathered my requirements and delivered a project that met my needs. Kieran was a delight to deal with and kept me updated at every stage of the project. Kieran is an expert in his field!”

Pam Foster, Owner, Career Stylr

Your Go-To Secret Weapon

“My experience with Mr. Kieran has been nothing shy of A-MAZING! He is masterful at copywriting. If you want to go to the next level, Mr. Kieran is your GO-TO secret weapon. Greatly appreciate all he has done for both of my businesses. Mr. Kieran has earned my respect and trust, he is family now!”

Francisco Campos, Owner, Influence Positive Change & Clean My Credit

Very Helpful & Provided Vital Information

“Very helpful and provided good quality and vital information to assist with my website enquiries. I would highly recommend Kieran.”

Nola Komis, Owner, A Touch of Salsa

Samples Speak for Itself

“Kieran Duffey is a quality copywriter who knows what he’s doing. Ask for samples of his work and it speaks for itself. Sharp, makes good points and knows copy structure well. LOVE HIS WORK!”

Edward Zia, Master Coach & Influencer, Excellence Above Coaching

Knowledgeable with SEO

“Very professional and knowledgeable with SEO.”

Vanessa Ntloko, Owner, Head Communications and PR

Increased Sales for All Our Marketing Campaigns

“I've been working with Kieran for nearly 12 months now. At first I would only hire him for small jobs, but he treated me with full respect and 100% attention always no matter how small the project was. I really appreciated this. Nowadays we hire Kieran for all of our writing projects, and his work is extremely detailed and he's always trying his best to deliver far more than we expect from him. You must understand, when it comes to SEO and CRO, the way you write, what you say and exactly how you say it is what gets you sales. Getting Kieran onboard has increased our sales for all of our different marketing campaigns across all platforms without having to increase advertisement spend whatsoever. 10/10 Kieran mate.”

Lucas Vitale, CEO, SEO Assistance

Friendly & Great Help

“Kieran was friendly and great help; I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone requiring his assistance. Thanks heaps from Adelaide!”

Vivi Subotic, Owner, Adelaide Supermaids

Informed Me in a No-Nonsense Way How this Can Be Achieved

"When I came across Kieran services, I was struggling to understand the sales cycle of my services. The past 2 week process I have undertaken with Kieran has blown me away and how this can be achieved. In the short time I have been with Kieran he has shown me step by step sales process and how this will be implemented through the multimedia platform. He never leaves you wondering where your financial investment in this process is going. I highly recommend Kieran and am confident that Kieran will catapult FNI sales process to remarkable levels. If you are struggling like I was with this issue Kieran will help you put it together. Thanks Kieran.”

John Close, Director, First Nations International

Incredible Asset to Our Businesses

“Kieran has been a professional from the beginning, seeing to our every need and handling issues with efficiency. He is an incredible asset to our businesses and we are very glad to have found him. His service has proven invaluable and we consider him a part of our team moving forward. Thank you Kieran for your expertise and helping us achieve our goal.”

Conal Brady, Owner, Ecom Luxx

Helped My Listing Hit The First Page

“I have been a client of Kieran's since last year and am happy to report that he has been outstanding with helping me produce quality copy for both my Google posts as well as my website. As I have been in the middle of growing a new business over the last 12 months, my time has been limited. Kieran gladly took on the task of coming up with great quality content that keeps people engaged as well as increasing my Google engagement, which has helped my listing hit the first page. I can honestly recommend Kieran to anyone that needs an awesome copywriter, wants to build their following with well written posts and articles and also if you need help with bettering your website and SEO. Thanks Kieran for all your help and I look forward to still having your support moving forward, as my business continues to grow. ”

Chris Howson, Owner, Gold Coast Fitness Trainer

Highest Recommendation for Copywriting that Gets Results

“I’ve known Kieran nearly 2 years and before I knew him, I did not even know what a Copywriter was. He has educated on the importance of great content and has the highest standards. He has assisted me on various Copywriting projects during our time working together and has always exceeded my expectations. Most recently he helped craft content right across my eCommerce site which I am working extremely hard on and is a very important project for me. I give Kieran my highest recommendation for Copywriting that gets results. Thanks Kieran and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Adnan Khan, CEO, AK Marketing

Clear Messaging that Everyone Can Understand

“Kieran writes great content with clear messaging that everyone can understand. He's also great to work with. Two thumbs up :).”

Andy Collins, Owner, Australian Male Voiceover Artist

Communicated Flawlessly with Email & Phone Calls

“Kieran was a huge help finding me and letting me know there was a lot of things my website could improve on. He communicated flawlessly with email and phone calls. Making sure I had everything I needed and took the extra time to explain all the things I didn’t understand. Kieran was simply amazing to work with and I would highly recommend him. His communication skills were second to none. Always going above and beyond to keep in touch with me.”

Nicholas Heatley, Owner, Lonewolf Apparel

Delivers More than Promised

“Very professional and easy to work with. Delivers more than promised. Highly recommended.”

Sulav Gurung, Executive Support, Rey Properties

Excellent Turnaround Time

“Kieran was very generous with his time in working through revisions to refine the offering. Delivered everything on the brief and was excellent with communication of what was needed. Excellent turnaround time! Would highly recommend Kieran for any copywriter work.”

Thomas S, Owner, Coastal Rugs

Someone that Understands SEO Friendly is Very Rare to Find

“Wow - to say Kieran is a fantastic copywriter is quite the understatement. I have been an SEO consultant for years but to work with someone that understands how SEO friendly copy works is very rare to find. Through his well thought out copy, we've been able to increase our ROI. I can't wait to continue working with you monthly Kieran, thanks!”

Patrick Dhital, CEO, SEO Assistance

Hire Him!

“Kieran was very quick and responsive. He made very good suggestions for our business. if you are reading this and thinking about hiring a copywriter, hire him!”

Parth Parmar, Founder & CEO, DigitalSitara

The Communication is 5 Stars

“Kieran is very professional at what he does and the communication is 5 stars. Throughout the whole process Kieran has been extremely thorough and has done his homework to ensure I received the results I was looking for. Highly recommend.”

Kate Bevan, Owner, Gold Coast Glamour Photography

Very Efficient

“A great copywriter! Highly recommend Kieran to anyone looking for a highly skilled copywriter. Enjoyed working with Kieran. He was very efficient and always kept me up to date on progress.”

Matt Whitehouse, Director of IT, Vue Finance

Pays Attention to Details a Lot

“It has been a very good experience working with Kieran. He always replies in time. He pays attention to details a lot.”

Grace Hu, Principal, Square Real Estate

Has Primed My Business

“I used Kieran to write the content and create my website. The service he delivered is outstanding. His professionalism and regular updates on how everything was tracking kept me assured throughout the whole process. Through his skill set he has primed my business and put it well on the path for success.”

Tom Gordon, Owner, Sloomy

Highly Professional & Experienced

“Great experience working with Mr. Kieran. Highly professional and experienced.”

Pasang Sherpa, Owner, DIGI Mart Hub

He Just Made My Life Easier

“A designer and copywriter has never worked so well together. Apologies for the exaggeration but that’s how I feel! Kieran is wonderful and very detailed when it comes to his work. He just made my life easier. Providing great copy for a website design I am working on. He has delivered beyond my expectations. So come on people, work with him already. Thanks K!”

Sairah Benz Alonzo, Owner, Kulay Creatives

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