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I’m Kieran Duffey, 40 years old and…

  • Your highly experienced, skilled and motivated copywriter
  • Your highly experienced, skilled and motivated SEO Consultant
  • Your highly experienced, skilled and motivated Information Architect.

If you want to know more about me…check out my About me page, view my Linkedin profile or browse my YouTube Channel.

I have over 12 years copywriting experience helping businesses (domestically and internationally) drive more leads, customers and sales with “professional captivating copy.”

  • Website Copy that is “professional” and “captivating” to drive more leads, customers and sales.
  • SEO copy that “Google loves” rewarding you with prominent placement in the organic listings.
  • Blog copy that “sets you up” as the authority in your market for greater brand exposure.


100% guarantee you that I have a very affordable hourly rate for copywriting and on top of that I can ensure you:

  • A comprehensive FREE quote before we start
  • Absolutely no sales tricks, and
  • No nasty hidden costs added on at the end of the project.

My Copywriting rates are “affordable” compared to other Brisbane copywriters.

100% absolutely! Never underestimate the benefit-driven-value of “professional captivating copy” driving more leads, customers and sales to your business.

And remember……

Content will always be king!

The sky is the limit when it comes to how far you want to go with SEO, but I can 100% guarantee you that:

  • My SEO is affordable
  • My SEO is results driven
  • My SEO is return on investment driven.

My SEO rates are “affordable” compared to other Brisbane SEO agencies and companies.


In 2009 I formed my own Search Engine Optimisation Company completely from scratch and within 10 months I choose to specialise in copywriting. I have over 12 years experience in results copywriting. 

Ultimately (me summarised in 3) I am a:

  • Seasoned / highly skilled / highly experienced / dynamic / innovative / quality / results driven copywriter
  • Former Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) business owner now specialising in copywriting (plain English – getting any business more leads, customers and sales with professional captivating copy)
  • Reactor, adaptor and 100% guaranteed to get results for any online business.

Driving leads, customers and sales guaranteed with professional captivating copy that creates bigger, better and bolder brands.

  • Brand awareness
  • More leads, customers and sales
  • Return on investment.

Keyword Research

3 ultimate reasons:

  • 360° comprehensive process
  • All your “money keywords” found
  • Return on investment focus.

Keyword research is all about finding all your “money keywords” to bring your online business more:

  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Sales.

Absolutely! Keyword research is always the first “critical” step in the SEO process that lays all the foundations for your future business success to drive more leads, customers and sales short, mid and long-term. 

Quite simply…SEO does not exist without keyword research!

Information Architecture

3 ultimate reasons:

  • Over 12 years Information architecture experience
  • Totally user experience focused (key to high organic rankings)
  • Total return on investment focus.

Information architecture in copywriting is all about careful, precise, effective, clear and ultimately logical planning of content to ensure:

Optimal user experience.

Information architecture as a business owner is all about giving your target market the best and most pleasant user experience to drive more leads, customers and sales to your business.


Because you 100% need to create logical Information architecture that will increase the average user’s experience because user experience is key to rankings and…

In Addition: you must consider search engines in forming a “smart” content structure (also key to rankings).


3 ultimate reasons:

  • Former SEO business owner with over 12 years SEO experience
  • Total results focus
  • Total return on investment focus.

Building a bigger, better and bolder brand through a comprehensive 360° process of improving exposure in search engines – Google (primarily) and Bing (secondary) in order to increase “organic” search traffic.

SEO is all about helping you and your business by giving your web pages higher ranking in the Search Engine Results (namely Google). You then ultimately benefit by having a much stronger presence on the web: which can lead to more traffic, leads, customers and sales.