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Video explaining using proven methods in copywriting
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Use Proven Methods in Copywriting

Fastrack success by using proven existing resources to your advantage.

Video explaining concise copywriting
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Be Concise in Copywriting

Learn to say more with less. Because the less you say, the more they will hear.

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Use Powerful Language in Copywriting

Power words are your solution to make people sit up and take notice.

Video explaining importance of eliminating powerless words in copywriting
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Eliminate Powerless Words in Copywriting

Better connect your headline to your conclusion by only providing value.

Video explaining finding your voice in copywriting
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Find Your Voice in Copywriting

Stand out with a unique style, tone and personality that makes readers love your content.

Video explaining research importance in copywriting
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Do More Research in Copywriting

More information equals more possibilities – which puts you on the path to winning copy.

Video explaining importance of refining headline in copywriting
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Refine Your Headline in Copywriting

Be specific with enough detail in your headline to capture attention immediately.

Video describing how to add more interest in copywriting
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Add More Interest in Copywriting

Trigger interest with your target audience to prove you are trustworthy and inspire action.

Video explaining importance of injecting personality in copywriting
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Inject Personality in Copywriting

Embrace personality by taking control of your words to marry your voice with your customers.

Video explaining importance of simplifying content
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Simplify Your Content

Readers must understand your content regardless of how complicated the subject matter.

Video explaining importance of satisfying your audience in copywriting
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Satisfy Your Audience in Copywriting

Narrow down who your ideal customer is to give them what they already want.

Video explaining importance of telling a story in copywriting
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Tell a Story in Copywriting

Get people hooked on your copy with powerful storytelling that triggers human attention.

Video explaining importance of making your copy visually appealing
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Make Your Copy Visually Appealing

Standout and make content easier to understand, digest and remember with visuals.

Video explaining why to avoid being clever in copywriting
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Don't Be Clever in Copywriting

Ditch clever and focus on the core issues, pains and solutions to maximise copy results.

Video explaining why it's ok to bend the rules in copywriting to achieve results
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Bend The Rules in Copywriting

Don’t be afraid to fire your English teacher to better connect with your target audience.

Video explaining the importance of having a purpose in copywriting
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Have a Purpose in Copywriting

Simplify with a single purpose for content and execute that to maximise results.

Video explaining why it's ok to leave your introduction to last
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Leave Your Intro to Last

Jumpstart your creativity by skipping the introduction and doing it when the scope is clear.

Video discussing importance of reading your writing aloud to capture errors
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Read Your Writing Aloud

Capture writing errors by forcing your mind to slow down by reading aloud.

Video explaining the importance of focusing on benefits in copywriting
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Focus on Benefits in Copywriting

Compelling copy starts with selling the benefits and supporting with features.

Video explaining importance of appealing to emotion in copywriting
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Appeal to Emotion in Copywriting

Build deep connections with your customers but don’t forget justification with logical appeal.

Video explaining why it's a must to have a swipe file in copywriting
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Keep a Swipe File in Copywriting

Save time and jumpstart your creativity with an organised swipe file to maximise results.

Video explaining importance of leading with your strongest point
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Lead with Your Strongest Point

Grab attention quickly otherwise readers won’t engage with your middle or get to your conclusion.

Video stressing importance of value in copywriting
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Stress Value in Copywriting

 Solve the target customers need and offer them value with your product or service.

Video explaining importance of building credibility in copywriting
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Build Credibility in Copywriting

Be sure to give them the detail they need to build credibility and maximise results.

Video explaining why you need to back up your claims in copywriting
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Back Up Your Claims in Copywriting

Sound confident, build trust and win over skeptical readers by backing up your claims.

Video stressing the importance of using specific examples in copywriting
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Use Specific Examples in Copywriting

Provide proof and demonstrate you know your target audience by using specific examples.

Video explaining the need to make it personal in copywriting
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Make it Personal in Copywriting

Customers gravitate towards brands that recognise them as individuals (and not a number).

Video explaining why you need to be persuasive in copywriting
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Be Persuasive in Copywriting

Gain attention of the visitor, keeping them interested (and wanting more).

Video discussing why you need to speak your ideal customer's language in copywriting
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Speak Your Ideal Customer's Language

Get your customers to know, like and trust you by speaking directly to them.

Video explaining why you need to emphasise your most important point in copywriting
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Emphasise Your Most Important Point

The human brain requires positive reinforcement to absorb the most important information.

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Use Active Voice in Copywriting

Coming Friday 29th of October 2021.

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Have a "You" Focus in Copywriting

Coming Friday 5th of November 2021.

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Get "Yeses" to Your Questions in Copywriting

Coming Friday 12th of November 2021.

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Make Your Content Scannable in Copywriting

Coming Friday 19th of November 2021.

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Avoid "Weasel Words" in Copywriting

Coming Friday 26th of November 2021.

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Minimise Commas in Copywriting

Coming Friday 3rd of December 2021.

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Write with Your Eraser in Copywriting

Coming Friday 10th of December 2021.

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Don't Exaggerate in Copywriting

Coming Friday 17th of December 2021.

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Find the Tension in Copywriting

Coming Friday 24th of December 2021.