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The 3 Expectations a Copywriter and Client Must Meet to Ensure Success

It’s true that expectations vary between a copywriter and client.

Some expect a little. Some expect a lot.

But from the biggest picture, there’s 3 expectations that need to be met between a copywriter and client to ensure success.

1. Honesty

Honesty between a copywriter and client puts both parties at ‘ease with each other’ and is the foundation of all future success.

Because not only is ‘honesty the best policy’ but it’s your best business asset to:

  • Build trust (with integrity and transparency as well)
  • Strengthen the relationship (by building a solid reputation)
  • Have a results focus (with your copywriter).

And it’s true that any business has ‘confidential information’ (that you won’t necessarily want to disclose with your copywriter) but being honest with your copywriter with everything else:

Note: It only takes one or two ‘lies’ to gather momentum and become more – and when they get found out ‘trust’ will be lost – which will be very hard to repair – you’ll have to follow these 3 steps by Forbes to rebuild trust (but be prepared to allow trust healing time – and that has no timeframe).

Takeaway: An honest relationship between a copywriter and a client sets high standards with a ‘no excuse’ approach to both parties delivering on promises and getting the results that matter.

2. Good Communication

Communication in copywriting is everything to achieving results for your brand.

And that’s ‘communication’ from both a copywriter and the client.

You can read why in-depth in this post or just read on here for the summary.

When you hired your copywriter one of the key traits that should have impressed you is their ‘communication.’

But ‘optimum’ results from the copywriting process can never be achieved if your communication is:

  • Lacking
  • Lousy
  • Non-existent (due to being too busy).

Because while your copywriter should be a master prober (extracting all the key information from you) you need to give a little, to expect a lot in return.

So if ‘communication’ is not your strength, decide on your best method of communication to get best results.


  • Email
  • Phone
  • Virtual call
  • Face to face meeting (for example).

Because, based on your preferred choice, you will find your copywriter will get more value from this communication (and this will only maximise results).

Note: The other tip to achieve good communication is just to ‘try.’ Because any good copywriter is a ‘master of communication’ and will be able to interpret what you are saying and even better, relay it back to you in words that have meaning to you.

Takeaway: As a brand don’t expect to maximise results unless your communication is ‘good’ between you and your copywriter. And don’t panic if you’re not of that standard – because the most important tip is to put effort in – and then you can learn a lot by following the 8 secrets of great communicators according to Entrepreneur (as a shortcut to communication success).

3. Professionalism

‘Professionalism between a copywriter and a client is essential to:

  • Establish respect
  • Maintain the standards of honesty (1.) and great communication (2.)
  • The work you do / the way you behave
  • Consistently achieve high standards
  • Long-term success.

Because it’s easy to say as a client ‘I’m always professional.’

But remember it only takes one mistake to ‘weaken the relationship’ between yourself and your copywriter.

And this could be:

  • Persistent lateness in joining meetings (without valid reason)
  • Offensive and abusive language (of any kind)
  • Threats (of any nature).

Note: Being professional is what separates the 10 most successful entrepreneurs from the pack and therefore it’s the key to differentiating your brand from the competition.

Professionalism promotes ‘positive energy’ – by making you feel good about yourself as well as others – and this inspires the right action – aligning goals and propels both the copywriter and client to more success (and this becomes an infinite loop – that never stops – unless the ‘professionalism’ is broken).

Takeaway: Professionalism between a copywriter and client is 101 to success. But Mind Tools summarise ‘professionalism’ best in this resource: “To be a true professional you need to stay professional even under pressure. This takes strategies for managing your emotions, plus a clear awareness of other people’s feelings.”


Theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking once said: “My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.”

But a copywriter and client can’t have zero expectations, but need to meet the 3 expectations between each other (discussed in this blog post).

And then everything else that moves you closer to success is a bonus!

Over to You…

Do you agree with The Expectations a Copywriter and Client Must Meet to Ensure Success? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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