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Why Industry Knowledge is Overhyped in Copywriting



Copywriting clients all want the same outcome = results.


But a common misconception in Copywriting is that the quicker path to results = knowledge of industry.


Something like…


We only want a Copywriter with experience in ‘x’ industry




We only want a Copywriter with 5 years’ experience in ‘y’ industry


Or even asking you directly…


Have you worked with ‘z’ industry before?





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Because right now as the Client you are thinking this is a ‘smart’ question that propels you to success quicker.


But this post outlines why it is a completely ‘overhyped’ question because any great Copywriter is a master of:

  1. Research (highly-skilled to write on any topic in your industry)
  1. Style (and finding the winning style suited to your industry)
  1. Adaptability (by using their unique experience to adapt to your industry). 


Ultimately do not hire a Copywriter just because they have industry knowledge (huge mistake!)


Because they may be missing all the other factors we discussed in this post – Hiring a Copywriter: The Definitive Guide.


Now let’s briefly elaborate on each point…


1. Great Copywriting Research Ensures Industry Familiarity


Research is the first ‘art’ (like Copywriting is an art) that is mastered by any Copywriter and therefore it does not matter if you’re:

Bob the Builder

Jack the Accountant

Jenny the Architect, or

Whatever your industry you are in…

A great Copywriter will be able to conduct smart research that quickly familiarises themselves with your industry to:

Better understand it

Better absorb it, and ultimately

Better craft winning content for your industry (that meets your expectations).


And never be of the false belief that ‘knowledge of industry’ will cut research costs and lower the overall project expense.


Great research will still be needed (knowledge or no knowledge)

Great research is what sets you up to win (knowledge or no knowledge), and

Great research by a great copywriter (on all levels) is what you want!

man holding magnifying glass




By not hiring the best Copywriter that meets all these criteria:


You will constantly be on the lookout for a Copywriter, exceed your budget and be back to square one often!


Note: For more on the process of Copywriting research process (coming soon) check out this post.


2. Great Copywriter’s Find Winning Style Suited to Your Industry

When you hire a Copywriter that fulfills all these criteria you know that they have the experience to find:

The wining style suited to your industry!


I often say to Clients I have 10,001 different styles and more to choose from.


Do I? No.

Why Do I Say It? Because it shows Clients, I have many different styles.


Note: You can read more on finding your unique writing style in this post (coming soon).


Style is both art and science – as we discussed in this top blog post that Copywriting is 80% Art and 20% Science.



But when you combine guidelines on style (the science) and utilise a Copywriter’s knowledge of the 80% Art of Copywriting

It is far more likely that both Client and Copywriter will achieve the ‘winning style’ needed that will:

Drive conversions, and ultimately

Maximise return on investment.


And when you hire a Copywriter that has industry knowledge but does not potentially fulfill these criteria?

You are setting yourself up for failure, because industry knowledge does not guarantee knowledge of the exact style that is:

Needed for your business (within your industry).


3. Great Copywriter’s Adaptable To Your Industry


The number of years’ experience (part of the Science behind Copywriting) a Copywriter has helps in:

Quickly, and


Adapting to your unique industry.

But do not forgot (as discussed here) Copywriting is 80% Art and adaptability to your industry will come down to how well a Copywriter:

Has mastered the 80% of Copywriting (again as discussed here).



Note: If you want to determine whether your Copywriter has mastered the 80% of Copywriting needed for success – check out these criteria (helps a lot).

And if in doubt?

Just ask the Copywriter directly!

Something like…

“I see you have 11 years’ experience and must have worked in many different industries…but will you be adaptable to my industry?

That’s often the best way – address the issue directly with the Copywriter and then gauge their response.

If they do not hesitate and are extremely confident (always a good sign)

If there is some hesitation (obviously not such a good sign).

confused man scratching head


Because great Copywriters will not hesitate because they are 100% confident in:

  1. Great Copywriting Research to Ensure Industry Familiarity (discussed earlier)
  2. Finding the Winning Style Suited to Your Industry (discussed earlier), and ultimately
  3. Adapting to Your Industry!

And adaptability is the ultimate quality you are seeking from your Copywriter for success.


Adaptability will be make your life easier and bring the results you seek.

Now let’s quickly wrap this blog post up!


Why Industry Knowledge is Overhyped in Copywriting Wrap Up

video wrap
Let's Quickly Wrap this Blog Post Up


Remember as a Client there is nothing wrong (at all) with determining whether:

A Copywriter has Industry Knowledge (so ask away if you want).

But (as discussed) do not let it be a deal-breaker in determining whether to hire a Copywriter or not.


Follow your instincts (why you should trust them here)

Consider this criteria, and remember as the great

Albert Einstein once said – “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

Then ask yourself from ‘instinct’ and this ‘criteria

Do you think your Copywriter understands?

confused man on left and same man who understands on right


Because if your answer is yes (to all 3) then:


Knowledge of the industry right here and now means extraordinarily little because…


It is the future knowledge through ‘understanding’ that will lead to your winning Copywriting project!


Over to You…

Do you agree or disagree with Industry Knowledge is Overhyped in Copywriting? Or is there something you would like to add or that you believe is missing?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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