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12 Things Copywriters Don’t Do

So you know a copywriter creates a better brand with winning content.

But do you know what they don’t do?

Here are the 12 things copywriters don’t do! 

Read on or use the table of contents to ‘jump’ to a specific section in the post.

Table of Contents

1. Copywriters Don’t Do Welcomes

Ditch friendly welcomes, flashy intros, or whatever.

Because you need to get to the point quickly, as no one cares about you!

Sounds harsh, but it’s a copywriting fundamental, explained here.

It’s all about what you can do for your prospect, and as quickly as possible, because human attention span is shorter than a goldfish, according to Time.

2. Copywriters Don’t Write for Everyone

During ‘research’ a copywriter will pinpoint your target audience.

And this does not mean pleasing everyone!

Because when copy is crafted for a subset of your traffic (say 20 to 35%), you will maximise conversions.

Don’t believe it? 

  • Mediocre 1 or 2% conversion rates are the best you can hope for, if you write for the crowd (everyone)
  • The sky is the limit with conversion rates, if you write for a subset (your hungriest buyers).

3. Copywriters Don’t Do Implied

Clear. Concise. Persuasive.

That’s copywriting 101, any good copywriter will follow, to ensure everything is interpreted (how it’s meant to be).

Copywriters choose concise (explained in this 60 second tip video) over clever (why not to be here), to ensure connection with the target audience, by:

4. Copywriters Don’t Do a Strict Word Count

Sure, a copywriter will follow a word count from a client as a ‘guide.’

But the role of a copywriter, is to craft winning copy, that solves problems, to maximise conversions.

So if that means going 100 words (under) or 100 words (over) the word count to achieve results – then so be it!

Because the big picture success is conversions (and keeping your valuable client happy).

Note: We talked about the disadvantages of a copywriter charging by the word in our copywriting rates Australia: guide.

5. Copywriters Don’t Follow Grammar Rules (All the Time)

What matters is results.

So if it takes bending the rules in your copy to succeed, then so be it!

Great copywriters, (like Brian Clark for example), are not afraid to bend grammar rules to better connect with their target audience in a one-on-one conversational tone that is:

  • Calm
  • Relaxed
  • Personalised.

6. Copywriters Don’t Do Just One Kind of Content

Any good copywriter is ‘skilled’ in various types of content that may include:

And while SEO copywriting is a ‘must’ skill, it’s critical you hire a copywriter skilled in various content types, because content diversification is key to maximising conversions.

Note: You can read 6 ideas to diversify your content strategy, according to Inc, here.

7. Copywriters Don’t Copy Your Competitors

So you really like the copy of one of your competitors. Or maybe it’s 2 or 3.

Because (no matter the number), you must establish a competitive advantage uniquely.

This is the whole essence of a brands success!

And you only have to look at the biggest brands in the world (like Amazon, Google and Facebook) to understand that better brands don’t reinvent the wheel, but use proven methods (discussed in this 60 second tip video) to establish:

  • Genuine
  • Authentic uniqueness (that separates them from the competition).

So use a competitors copy as a baseline, but never copy!

8. Copywriters Don’t Lie and Exaggerate

Copywriters want the best results and to make your brand look good but:

  • Lying
  • Exaggerating (are sins).

They are not sins mentioned in 12 copywriting sins that matter, but it only takes one or two customers to:

  • Complain
  • Call you out on your ‘lies’ and ‘exaggeration.’

And sadly, it’s those customers who tarnish the reputation of your brand.

So from a long-term viewpoint, always adopt an ‘honest’ approach, as only this will maximise your conversions long-term.

9. Copywriters Don’t Develop and Design Websites

‘Developing’ and ‘designing’ a website is not one of the 6 essential skills for a copywriter, and therefore, you’ll need to engage a professional website developer and designer to complete these tasks.

Note: Website Builder Expert provides two useful references for taking the next steps on ‘design’ and ‘development’ for your website, by understanding:

10. Copywriters Don’t Guarantee First Page Rankings

SEO copywriting is a ‘must’ skill for any copywriter, but not even the best ‘SEO copywriter’, can guarantee first page rankings!



Heck, you could even follow Brian Dean’s the definitive guide to SEO in 2022, and still not make the first page!

And no, that’s not through ‘lack of trying’, but just that SEO can be a complicated discipline (much because humans like to overcomplicate it) – more on that again here by Search Engine Journal.

Takeaway: Engaging a SEO copywriter is a great start to getting on the first page, but a SEO specialist is what you need.

11. Copywriters Don’t Do Everything to Grow Your Business

Good copywriters:

But ‘no’, they don’t do everything!

Copywriters don’t:

  • Build websites (as mentioned previously in 9. copywriters don’t develop and design websites)
  • Code websites
  • Host domains
  • Transfer domains
  • Take professional photos
  • Create logos
  • Do ad-hoc tasks that fall outside the 6 essential skills for a copywriter.

Note: Any good copywriter will give you useful tips, resources, and referrals, that allow you to take the next step with any of these tasks (ask me for example).

12. Copywriters Don’t Charge the Same Rate for Every Client

Not all is ‘created equal’ in copywriting.

Each project is different and met with different complexities, which may or may not require more:

  • Time
  • Expertise
  • Resources.

So you can’t expect the same rate charged from a copywriter to a previous client.

Copywriting is 80% art and 20% science, meaning many factors go into a copywriter rate, and you can read more about that in our copywriting rates Australia: guide.


Just because a copywriter doesn’t do the 12 things we’ve mentioned in this post, doesn’t mean they won’t:

  • Help
  • Guide you on the next steps.

Ask them!

Because as quoted by highly acclaimed author Isabel Allende“We only have what we give.”

And when you hire a great copywriter, they will ‘give’ you immeasurable value that makes building your brand easier.

Over to You…

Do you agree with 12 Things Copywriters Don’t Do? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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