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Copywriting Rates Australia: Guide


Australian copywriters either charge a rate this is:


1. Hourly

2. Per Word

3. Fixed

4. Daily.


Hourly rates are common for small projects whilst a fixed or per word rate is common for medium to large projects.


Daily rates are less common and tend to be used by agencies.


Ultimately, a copywriter will set their own rates but let’s explain more.


The Foundations of a Copywriters Rate

workers laying house foundations


A copywriter must find a rate that is a balance between:


Earning enough, and

Attracting Clients.


And once that ‘balance’ is found it’s critical for a copywriter to always be upfront and transparent with their rates to:


Gain trust (of Clients), and

Win (more Clients).


1. Hourly Rate



Below is a table for your reference – as per guidelines from the Clever Copywriting School.


Experience (years)

Hourly Rate ($AUD)


0-2 years

$70-$100 / hour


2-4 years

$100-$130 / hour


4+ years

$130-$240 / hour


2. Word Rate

scrabble tiles showing words on tiles


Charging by the ‘word’ may sound a great idea but do you really want your copywriter:


Sweating, and

Counting words!


Because the likely outcome of a Copywriter charging a word rate is ‘fluff’ and ‘filler’ rather than concise copy that is:


  • High-quality
  • Persuasive, and
  • Gets results.


So, to avoid copy that doesn’t suck:


Avoid the word rate.


3. Fixed Rate

blue calculator and blue pen


A flat fee is charged for the entire job that includes:


Fundamental process by any copywriter to winning copy – great guide on it here by
Rose Crompton.



Success through proven methods are the benefits of copywriters with more experience.



Knowledge in a ‘niche’ area of copywriting is an asset and may result in higher rates.



Results = demand = popularity and thus these copywriters may charge higher in return.


Delivery Time

Shorter turnaround times may incur a ‘rush fee’ to compensate the copywriter having to work extra hours.


Job Difficulty

Perceived more difficult jobs by a copywriter add stress to workload and can result in higher charges.


Content Type

All content is different in copywriting and hence a 500 word blog post will cost more than a landing page.


Client Status

Rate differentiation may exist depending on whether you’re a small business, agency or corporate brand.



Cost of living varies Australia wide and can result in a copywriter charging accordingly.



Qualifications and completion of courses by a copywriter may result in higher charges.



Daily Rates

woman writing daily report


These rates tend to be used more by agencies and are more suited to particular jobs.


If per hour, per word and a fixed rate are not suitable then consider the daily rate.


Deposits are Common

$100 notes deposited into a bank


It’s common for a Copywriter to take a deposit ranging from 20-50% to:


  •  Lock in the project (at a future date), and
  • Start the project.


And if the job is under a certain value (say $300 for e.g.) – it’s standard for the full amount to be invoiced upfront.


After the copywriting work is complete a copywriter will generally have 7–14-day payment terms for invoices.


How to Determine Pricing (10 Factors)

competitive pricing circled in red on paper


Below is a table of 10 factors you need to consider when setting pricing.


1. Research Competitors

Be prepared to get ‘clever’ in determining competitor pricing because it’s not always transparent.


2. Liveable Wage

Cost of living in Australia is high and your earnings must be enough to cover expenses.


3. Experience

Justification of your rate is easier with more experience and so be realistic about it.


4. Supply & Demand

Classic supply and demand curve 101. If In-demand, then charge a little higher and
vice versa.


5. Content Type

Website copy – blog posts – landing pages – the list is endless and in the world of copywriting not all copy is equal.


6. Client Deadline

Client pushing a tight deadline? Raising of your rate should be considered for extra time spent to meet it.


7. Job Difficulty

Compensate yourself by raising your rate as you’ll need to invest more time and you’ll either:

Lose the job = Not care (because you didn’t want it), or

Be happy = As you are being paid more money.


8. Client Affordability

Case-by-case changing of your rate is a judgement call any business owner must make to prosper.


9. Client Type

Charge higher for larger clients and vice versa. In theory this sounds good, but it puts your reputation at stake.


10. Fun Factor

Time passes quickly when you’re having fun and so charging less for these jobs is an option.



Ballpark Quotes Are Useful

baseball game from distance


So you’ve got a stack of work to do and a Client calls you up about a job and is:


  • Light on details, and
  • Unclear on what they want.


Rather than wasting a lot of time:


  • Trying to probe them / isolate what they want, and
  • Spending time on a proposal…


You can give them a ballpark quote which will quickly determine if they are serious about working with you.


And when you give a ball-park quote:


  • Go to the highest-level, and
  • Factor in you have little information…


Before giving you the quote.


Tip: Kate Toon (The Clever Copywriting School) offers a useful tip and that is try saying:


“Previous jobs I’ve worked on like this came in at around $XXX. Does that sound about right?”


For more on the advantages of ballpark pricing check out this useful post by Louise Harnby.


Copywriting is a Unique Skill



Copywriting is 80% art and 20% science as discussed here.


And while any copywriter can learn the 20% science quickly it is the “80% art” that will maximise return on investment for your business.


So don’t underestimate a copywriters ability to:


  • Captivate
  • Engage, and
  • Persuade…


With concise copy that gets results.


Because when you ‘value’ a copywriters skillset by remunerating them appropriately:


They will create more value for you in return.



video wrap


When it comes to setting a copywriter rate there is no right or wrong answer but remember:


  • Consistency is key
  • Your reputation is everything, and the
  • Copywriting industry is small.



  •         Take initiative, and
  •         Determine your own pricing method…


But just don’t be that copywriter that is talked about all over town for:


Inconsistent pricing!


Over to You…

Do you agree or disagree with this Copywriting Rates Australia Guide? Or is there something missing or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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