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15 Signs You’re Hiring the Right Copywriter (Table Breakdown)

It’s easy to tell when you’ve found the right copywriter 3, 6 or 12 months after hiring them.

But ‘time is money’ and therefore you need to be confident from the start of the hiring process that you’ve got a go-to copywriter for the long-term.

So these are the 15 signs you’re hiring the right copywriter from the beginning.

# Sign (The Copywriter Has) Analysis


Great Website

We spoke about this in 1. background (check website) in our hiring a copywriter: the definitive guide. Simply a website is a showcase of a copywriter’s abilities, so you have to assume it’s their best effort to promote their services. Therefore, it’s a must to like their website (that should demonstrate their experience) to do business with them.


Consistent Blog Posts

Mentioned in 1.8 background (check website) in our hiring a copywriter: the definitive guide. Because you are hiring your copywriter to build your brand with copy and so if the copywriter is not ‘consistently’ doing this for their own brand – how can you expect them to ‘consistently’ do it for your brand long-term? Sure – they are busy – but every in-demand copywriter is busy. Therefore, if you do business with a copywriter that ‘consistently’ blogs for their own brand, you’re more likely to have a winner.


Active listening skills

The most critical skill that any copywriter should have that is fundamental to long-term success. So make sure that your copywriter just doesn’t talk and demonstrates active listening (by keeping you engaged in a positive way). Because nothing is worse than having to spend ‘additional time’ relaying information to a copywriter that you’ve already told them. According to Lifehack 90% of people are poor listeners, so don’t underestimate the power of finding a copywriter who’s an active listener – it’s a trait that is a true asset.


Probing skills

Any good copywriter must be a master prober – an art we discussed in probing in copywriting: 12 ultimate tips. So you want active listening (talked about in 3.) from your copywriter and then a response of ‘smart questions’ (probing in laymen terms) that assess problems and provide the best solutions. You most likely would have heard at any interview the candidate should ask questions to show interest during the interview – this is similar – but probing (again is an art) that ensures no time is wasted because the ‘right questions’ are asked to drive the project forward.


Insight skills

The reason teamwork is pushed within any brand is because of ‘angles.’ So you’re looking for a ‘unique angle’ (or second pair of eyes as you may call it) that is maybe the ‘aha’ moment you need to confidently move forward to the next step of the project. Therefore, determine how much your copywriter is making your life easier (in your role) through insight that is adding value to your brand.



You expect your copywriter to be knowledgeable in their expertise. But you need to look beyond ‘passing knowledge’ and ‘in-depth knowledge.’ Because if a copywriter quickly brushes over topics (not always – might be time constraints) it could be a red-flag they don’t have the knowledge in that area. Overall, however long your communication has been with your copywriter, you need to see a high level of knowledge that is ‘comprehensive’ because when actioned it will get your brand the best results.


Good experience

Experience counts for a lot with your copywriter, but you need the right experience. Therefore, just because a copywriter has over 15 years’ experience, doesn’t necessarily mean their the best-fit copywriter for your brand. But it’s a great sign, however, be sure to check samples, case studies, and their portfolio to see what type of copywriting work they’ve done previously. For example, they may only specialise in ‘email copy’ and your brand may be looking for other types of copy too.


Large client base

Just come right out and ask your copywriter ‘how many clients do you have?’ Because while insight (5.), knowledge (6.) and experience (7.) are important, you want to see proven success – just what your brand needs too. Overall, a copywriter with a large client base is a great sign because it not only shows success but also that your copywriter is in-demand, and this is most likely because they are delivering superior results to their competitors.


Limited Availability

We spoke about this in 2. first quick interview (general questions) of our hiring a copywriter: the definitive guide. And we mentioned in that post that ‘immediate availability’ of your copywriter is a red flag for any project. This shows their not in-demand, and you’d have to doubt the success of their business. So when a copywriter has ‘limited availability’ it's a greater sign their in-demand, thus working with other successful clients. Therefore – knowing that quality takes time – be confident you’ve got the copywriter you need when they’re not always available straight away.


Process driven

Copywriting is 80% art and 20% science (as discussed in this post). And  ‘art’ (what will make any copy shine) can be messy or even chaos if it’s not organised. So ask your copywriter questions about processes they have in place for copywriting. Because any good copywriter (the sign you need) should have systems in place (and be process driven) to get results for the critical 80% ‘art’ of copy essential for success.


Responsive to constructive criticism

It doesn’t matter how experienced your copywriter (10, 20 or 50 years) is – because if they respond poorly to constructive criticism you give – not only will it lead to a poor working relationship but it will be detrimental to results. So in your initial dealings with your copywriter ‘assess’ how they react to your constructive criticism. Do they remain positive (12.), improve and deliver what you want? Or is there is hint of ‘negativity’ at the constructive criticism. You know it’s a great sign (you’ve got the right copywriter) when there is a ‘openness’ quality displayed to any constructive criticism you give.


Positive mindset

Your customers will be drawn to your brand from its positive marketing approach. Therefore, you want to always see positivity from your copywriter. Because over the course of your brand’s existence – the key to it fulfilling its potential – will be turning your key problems into better solutions. And your copywriter having a positive mindset (no matter how big the problem) will ensure problems are solved sooner and more effectively.



It’s a rule of thumb that ‘businesses do business with other businesses’ that they like. So you should like your copywriter – because you’ll be working closely – and it will be that much easier to reach all copywriting goals, if there’s that mutual liking for each other. So be wary of any copywriter (no matter their experience), who you feel you don’t like, because not only is life short, but business life is short, therefore maximising your enjoyment (while working with your copywriter) will lead to best results.



Affordable means within your budget and doesn’t mean cheap. Because you want results – quality – so you need to be realistic with your budget for any copywriter as per our copywriting rates Australia: guide. And once you understand what a fair copywriting rate is – then determine what’s affordable – you can decide if the copywriter is a good-fit long-term for your brand. Overall, an affordable copywriter, is a big sign that their rates are realistic and comparable to similarly experienced copywriters in the market. And that’s important to your brand’s long-term ROI.


Deadline driven

Missed deadlines are a deal breaker for your brand. So come right out and ask your copywriter if they can meet your deadline. Put them under pressure and see how they respond. It’s fine if the copywriter needs time to get back to you with a deadline (standard) - but you want to see a quality of ‘calmness’ in your copywriter – because most likely they will be juggling many projects. Your copywriter should be confident when setting deadlines, hit them and provident consistent updates during the project that give you the ‘confidence’ your deadline will be hit.


Always take a proactive approach, when hiring a copywriter.

And “ignoring the signs is a good way to end up in the wrong destination” (quoted by an unknown source) summarises this perfectly.

So look out for the 15 signs (mentioned in this post) to ensure you take your brand to the final destination – in the least amount of time – with your copywriter that consistently produces results you can count on long-term.


Over to You…

Do you agree with 15 Signs You’re Hiring the Right Copywriter? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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