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6 Things a Copywriter Needs to Quote You (Table Breakdown)

So you need a quote from a copywriter for your important job.

Then these are the 6 essential things needed by a copywriter to quote you:

  • Accurately
  • Relevantly
  • Quickly.
# What’s Needed Why It’s Needed


What is the industry/topic the copywriter will need to craft content on?

So you may be thinking why does sharing the industry/topic with a copywriter matter? Shouldn’t a good copywriter be able to right for any industry/topic? Well not necessarily as some copywriters choose to specialise in industries (like finance for e.g.) and others have industries/topics that they will not craft content for based off their personal preference. Therefore, it’s best to be upfront about the industry/topic because if you’re in luck, your copywriter may even specialise in it, and this could mean less research time (which is make or break for any project) but not always as individual copywriters each execute the research stage of copywriting differently.


How many pages of copy do you need?

The more pages a copywriter needs to craft content for your project means the higher the quote. This is simply because there is greater research, conceptualisation, execution and review time that goes into finalising 10 pages of copy for your website as opposed to 3 pages for your website (for e.g.). But don’t worry it’s not a simple case of a copywriter charging the same price per page as the type of copy needed might be different (discussed in 3.) and the word count (discussed in 4.) may differ from page to page. Also, a copywriter (in certain instances) may charge higher for the first page but then less for subsequent pages as the core research is already complete – making the job of a copywriter crafting copy for the remaining pages easier.


What are the pages of copy you need?

As a client one of the first things, you need to understand about copywriting, is that not all copy is created equal. So for example, a home page is priced differently to an about page. Yes, that’s right it’s not as easy as wanting your copywriter to charge you on a ‘word’ or ‘word count’ basis for e.g., because every copywriting job is unique – you can even compare each copywriting job to fruit – because some jobs are more like apples (relatively straightforward) while others are like watermelons (bigger jobs and more involved). So be upfront about the type of copy you need as not only does some ‘type’ of copy require more research but also it involves greater time to execute.


How many words per page do you want?

More words per page will obviously require a greater investment of time by your copywriter into your project and your quote will be higher. So if you’re certain about the word count per page then go ahead and give instructions to your copywriter to deliver this word count. But if you’re unsure you could just give a ‘word range’ to your copywriter or even leave it to their expertise. Because whatever option you choose, a good copywriter should not sweat the word count (as we spoke about in the Copywriting rates Australia: guide) and fulfill user intent (what matters most to Google in satisfying its users).


Do you rely on traffic from search engines?

Because if so, your site ideally needs to be optimised for search engines with SEO copywriting. This is critical because content crafted by a copywriter should be done with SEO in mind as great content alone that is not SEO optimised is not enough to get you found online. And while a copywriter will follow a process to optimise your copy for SEO the number #1 goal comes back to fulfilling user intent (as we mentioned in 4.). Overall, SEO copywriting is a unique skill so don’t just assume your copywriter has it. You should directly ask them if they specialise in SEO copywriting as part of your hiring process.


What is your deadline?

We spoke about this in the Copywriting rates Australia: guide that shorter turnaround times may incur a ‘rush fee’ to compensate the copywriter having to work extra hours to meet your deadline. So if there is flexibility in your deadline be sure to mention that to your copywriter too. Because in hiring a copywriter: the definitive guide a big red flag mentioned is a copywriter that can immediately start on your project. Sure it may sound great to you but you have to question why that copywriter is not in demand. Therefore, when you approach your copywriter, have your deadline, but remember that quality takes time – so if you know you’ve found a good copywriter then that bit of flexibility in your deadline can help with the overall results achieved.


Jim Rohn once said: “Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”

But the good news for you is your copywriter is only asking you to give a little information to help them quote quickly with accuracy and relevance – and in return if you choose to work with them, they can deliver you more results than you already have.


Over to You…

Do you agree with 6 Things a Copywriter Needs to Quote You? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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