In 2009 I formed my own Search Engine Optimisation Company from scratch and within 10 months I choose to specialise in copywriting. I have over 12 years experience in results copywriting. 

Ultimately (me summarised in 3) I am a:

  • Seasoned / highly skilled / highly experienced / dynamic / innovative / quality / results driven copywriter
  • Former Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) business owner now specialising in copywriting (plain English – getting any business more leads, customers and sales with professional captivating copy)
  • Reactor, adaptor and 100% guaranteed to get results for any online business.

Driving leads, customers and sales guaranteed with professional captivating copy that creates bigger, better and bolder brands.

  • Brand awareness
  • More leads, customers and sales
  • Return on investment.

More leads, customers and sales.

Got it?? Good! All done by capturing your target market/s needs, wants, hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations and desires with “professional captivating copy.”

More or less! Basically anything “word” related A to Z. 

SEO copy. Website copy. Sales copy. Ecommerce copy. Brand copy. Marketing copy. Blog copy. Email copy. Social Media copy. 

The list does not end there… Script copy. Speech copy. Whitepaper copy. Ghostwriting copy. Biography copy. 

And the list still does not end there …Creative copy. PR copy. Tagline copy. Slogan copy. Even…copy rewrites.

Will definitely help you and your business 100% guaranteed.

To quote you accurately I need to know 6 things:

  • How many pages of copy do you need?
  • What kind of copy do you need? (e.g. web or brochure)
  • If web, what are the pages?
  • How many words per page do you want?
  • Do you rely on traffic from the Search Engines? Because if so, your site needs to be optimised for Search Engines
  • What is your deadline?

Totally and remember I offer unlimited revisions until you are 100% Satisfied Guaranteed! Remember though…I have over 12 Years experience and will be quick to advise you if I disagree with certain changes that will result in less results!

All depends on the size of the project – and do not worry because I handle all size projects: small, medium and large! As a guide: a small project could take hours, a medium size project days and a large project weeks (even months in some instances).

I would dearly love to meet all my Clients in person, but the answer is No! Only in rare cases is a face to face meeting required. All correspondence can be done over the phone, email or by Skype.

No! “Copyright” may have similar spelling to
copywriting” but is not related. Copywriting is essentially all about “word creation” and Copyright refers to “legal ownership” – you can read more about Copyright here if interested.