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Win More Business with Detailed Quotes: 12 Things to Include (with Free Template)

Detailed quotes win more business.

And that’s because a ‘comprehensive’ approach is more likely to demonstrate that the final price charged will be justified by the ‘value’ received in return.

But only when you include these 12 things in your quote.

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Important as a visual to your prospect that identifies your brand and demonstrates the purpose of your business. Don’t leave it out because not only does it look ‘unprofessional’ but you’ll risk losing an emotional connection that could be make or break for your quote.


Your Details

So this should include your full name, your business/company number, business address/phone number, website URL (if applicable) and business email. Include all of these as it’s proven to build trust with your prospect as they want to do business with a real person.


Quote Number

Include the quote number. The quote number is just the sequential number. For example, this is the 115th quote you are sending to a client – therefore it will be 115. The quote number is by no means a ‘deal breaker’ for your quote but it conveys professionalism and that you have a client record.


Quote Details

With quote details think ‘high level’ for your project and so it should only be a maximum of 6 words. For example, is it a copywriting or a marketing project? The details described here should make sense to your prospect and be written in jargon-free language they can understand.


Date Created/Valid Until

Date created is self-explanatory (date you are creating quote). And for the ‘valid until’ it’s best to put the same date as ‘date created.’ Why? Because it’s important to create urgency (not pushiness) by letting them know in writing that they should accept your quote sooner than later because it’s a great quote and won’t last forever.


Recipient Details

So this should include your client’s full name, their business address/phone number, website URL (if applicable) and business email. It’s important to show as many of these fields as possible because not only is it ‘professional’ but it shows ‘initiative’ that you know the details of the prospect you want to do business with.


Client Goal

Critical because you need to concisely show your prospect that you understand their goal. And it should also be written jargon-free and in language easy to understand for your prospect. The client goal must be ‘high-level’ and not more than 2 lines. Get this right as it’s make or break for your quote.



If your project has more than one ‘component’ don’t just list one price in your quote. Be ‘detailed’ and show your prospect individual prices for each component of the project. Not only is this ‘transparent’ but it can demonstrate a higher perceived value of your service (by breaking each component down strategically).



In your description describe the job components clearly and accurately. Even break them down into ‘bullet points’ or even ‘numbering’ if you have to. Be concise (so don’t write a book) but when you craft, your description ‘professionally’ it already gives your prospect an insight into the ‘value’ of your services before they have even engaged them.


Unit Price/Total

So the need to detail your prices and taxes is obvious but ensure you’re tallying the price correctly (and not having a bad maths day) and that you’re including any relevant taxes that are applicable to your country. And take your time setting a final price. Because no matter how much ‘value’ you’ve created with your quote your final price should win you work over your competitors and allow for a profitable return on investment in the work.


Payment Terms/Method

It may already be known to your prospect but for ‘professionalism’ reasons it’s a good idea to include your payment terms/method at the bottom of your quote. So for example is it 50% to start the project and 50% on completion? Or is it 100% upfront? Will payment be made via a bank transfer or via another method? Be transparent about your payment terms/method in your quote as it provides more certainty to your prospect before moving forward with your services.



Having a ‘note’ section at the bottom of your quote is optional but recommended. You may have covered everything in your quote and have no ‘note’ to add. But it’s a great place to add anything additional to your quote that you have not covered and most importantly – may be a major factor for the prospect in deciding whether they want to do business with you.


When it comes to doing business quotes Richard Branson (founder of Virgin) summarises it perfectly when he said: “When making experiences, attention to detail matters.”

So go on – to win more business – create a great experience for your prospect with a quote that shows attention to detail.

Because by doing so – you’re not only demonstrating value – but already creating an experience that has them saying ‘yes’ to doing business with you now and hopefully for the foreseeable future.

Over to You…

Do you agree with Win More Business with Detailed Quotes: 12 Things to Include (with Free Template)? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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