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Why You Need Beauty Copywriting and 5 Great Examples

The beauty industry remains one of the fastest-growing industries globally. According to statistics, despite taking an 8% dip in 2020, the beauty industry is picking up pace, with revenues expected to exceed $100 billion in 2022.

You expect to get a decent slice out of this massive pie. Is there anything that might prevent you from realising great returns from your cosmetic venture?

Your brand and product copy. 

Beauty copywriting is one of the crucial differentiators between successful beauty businesses and ones struggling to turn a profit in a highly competitive market. Statistics show that by 2023, 48% of U.S. beauty product shoppers will be shopping online. 

How will your brand attract this new wave of beauty shoppers and still maintain a strong foothold over traditional stores? 

Read on and learn who a beauty copywriter is, how they’ll transform your business online and offline, and five great examples of what you can expect from a professional beauty copywriter.

Who is a Beauty Copywriter?

A beauty copywriter is a writer who writes marketing material for beauty brands. These marketing materials include website copy, blog posts, packaging copy, and product descriptions. 

The beauty copywriter creates the brand’s messaging and chooses the best words to use to market your products to consumers. These products range from hair care, skincare, cosmetics, hygiene products, and essential oils.

The need to use compelling, carefully-chosen words for marketing within the beauty industry cannot be overstated. Most beauty products are the same. What makes most brands stand out is their marketing and packaging. Despite using different formulas, the variations are typically very minimal for most buyers.

A beauty copywriter turns your marketing and product into a story. That’s why a face cream would be marketed with the tagline “diminish fine lines and wrinkles,” and shampoo will have the message “cleanse hair while keeping its natural oils.”

These stories tap into the needs of consumers looking for these products. While they will talk about the unique formula, the priority is sounding relatable to the potential buyer and showing them why they should have your product in their dressing room.

Given how make-or-break your marketing and brand messaging can be, your choice of a beauty copywriter is the lifeline of your product launch or sales.

When Should You Source the Services of a Beauty Copywriter?

Beauty copywriters are not limited to writing marketing copies only. Some promote or review beauty products. Typically, they’ll have a significant following of beauty consumers who turn to them for authentic reviews and takes on emerging brands, products, and trends.
This means you can contract the services of a beauty copywriter at two stages of your brand or product development. That is at the early or later stages, covering before, during, or after your brand or product launches.
Typically, you’ll hire a beauty copywriter in the earlier stages to help build your products and brand from scratch. At this stage, the copywriter helps set the brand tone and messaging, providing your brand guidelines for future copies.
Alternatively, you can hire the copywriter later and only have them create a copy within existing brand guidelines. Typically, this will be a product review or promotional material.

Why Does Your Cosmetic Business Need a Copywriter?

What are the benefits of hiring a beauty copywriter? Here’s why your cosmetic business needs one.

They Help You Find Your Beauty Niche

A beauty copywriter helps you define your product line and niche. Picking a niche is crucial if your brand is to stand out in a highly competitive market with big players that can spend thousands more on ads and marketing.

A beauty copywriter will help you identify small gaps that bigger corporations are unaware of or simply ignore. 

That way, they’ll promote what’s unique about your product to the right consumer. According to Forbes, consumers react positively to such niche products because they give them what they’ve always been looking for but lack from their favourite brands. 

They Make Selling Products Online Easier

The beauty industry still heavily relies on traditional sales channels, albeit online sales are quickly picking up. This makes selling beauty products exclusively online a colossal challenge. Moreover, most online coverage has been hijacked by big brands running viral channels.

With a beauty copywriter, you can still carve your way through the hardened online marketing channels using compelling messaging written on your Facebook and Google Search ads. Therefore, you will feature more on your consumer’s search and social media feeds, improving your chances of selling online.

They Help You Understand Your Buyer Better

Before writing any marketing material, a beauty copywriter understands your consumer first. They research them and extract details such as gender, age, income level, lifestyle, career, colour, and beauty problems.

If you’re working with the copywriter at the early stages of product and brand development, this buyer persona can be pivotal in designing your brand and products to speak to this demographic.

At a later stage, the copywriter can use this information to curate compelling product and brand messaging that addresses the pain points of this demographic and promotes your beauty product as the solution they’ve been searching for. 

They Bring Specialist Industry Knowledge

An experienced beauty copywriter knows the industry in and out. That means they have adequate information about your competition and know what will make your product stand out. 

Moreover, they will have a lot of content ideas, such as a series of blog or social media posts that will drive engagement between your brand and consumers. They’ll also be quicker to spot emerging trends and keep your brand at the top of the beauty and cosmetics wave.

They Save You Time

It is time-consuming running a beauty brand and trying to be on top of all marketing and content needs. Moreover, intensive market and competition research can take a lot of time and requires great expertise.

A professional beauty copywriter saves you time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business that will promote growth and development. 

What Qualifications Should a Beauty Copywriter Have?

Being a copywriter doesn’t require any formal or standardised courses. Typically, the writer needs a passion for the industry they write for and excellent research and learning skills to remain relevant and upskilled.

Therefore, the best qualification for a beauty copywriter is on-the-job experience. Also, despite a rise in copywriting courses and training programs, most are not industry-recognised. Therefore, they don’t form a solid basis for judging the skill of a copywriter.


Questions You Should Ask a Potential Beauty Copywriter Hire

So, how do you judge the experience of a potential beauty copywriter hire? Here are three essential questions you should ask.

Website Links, Blog Links, or Social Media Handles

Most freelance copywriters use their websites, blogs, or social media handles as an extension of themselves. These platforms improve their visibility and make it easier for clients to spot them and give them work.

Therefore, they provide a good indication of how much experience they have within the beauty industry.

For instance, an experienced beauty copywriter may have a vibrant Instagram account where they review several beauty products. They will also have a loyal following of readers who trust their opinions on brands and products.

Blogging is perhaps the most popular tool used by professional copywriters to showcase their skills and work. A beauty copywriter with a blog will most likely have a niche they’ve specialised in. For instance, copywriters passionate about sustainability may run a blog focused on vegan skincare.

Since they have a niche, these beauty copywriters appeal to a well-defined audience who view them as an authority on the subject. 

Social media posts also show how well the copywriter can write short and compelling content. On the other hand, blog posts show their prowess with long-form content 

A Portfolio

Social media, websites, and blogs can speak volumes about the abilities of a beauty copywriter. However, you may need to check their portfolio as well. Portfolios hold a comprehensive list of previous works they’ve done and, in some cases, the feedback from their previous clients.

Portfolios show you the quality of the copywriter’s work and how well they take feedback and criticism. They also show their versatility in creating compelling content for different niches and products. This trickles down to finer details like writing for different demographics while selling virtually the same product.

For instance, through their portfolio, you can tell how versatile the copywriter is if they wrote two compelling product descriptions for an all-purpose moisturiser, with one copy targeted at retired women and the other at teens.

Their Networks Within the Industry

Experienced beauty copywriters have deep networks within the beauty industry. They are often well-known in beauty industry events and trade shows, where they connect with other businesses and industry players to promote brands and products.

Moreover, they have a loyal following of consumers who take buying recommendations from them.

You can leverage their networks to deliver direct pitches that are usually better and more effective than generically promoting your brand or products. 

How a Copywriter Prepares Your Beauty Copy 

Copies for different beauty brands and products will look very different. However, the process for preparing them is typically the same. 
First, the beauty copywriter gets a briefing about the campaign, product, and marketing material. This information helps them know the kind of copy needed and the buyer persona it should target.
Using their own insights, the beauty copywriter pieces this information together and comes up with compelling copy that addresses the buyer’s concerns and offers your product or brand as the best solution.
After writing the first few drafts, the beauty copywriter edits and refines the final copy in collaboration with you and your team to ensure it covers all details and meets all expectations. Sometimes, the legal and regulatory team may read the copy to ensure it meets all standards.
The next stage will be sending the draft to the next person in the workflow. This may be a graphic designer, creative director, or web developer. These professionals will place the copy in the right medium, be it the landing page, packaging, or marketing video.

5 Great Beauty Copywriting Examples

What does great beauty copy look like? Here’re five examples to draw inspiration from.

Blog Intro

“Unlocking your inner energy and feeling good about yourself needs self-care. That means taking care of yourself from head to toe with the best beauty products your money can afford. 

But what are they? Is self-care necessarily expensive?

Here’re products you should buy for different parts of your body, no matter your budget.”

Marketing Slogan

“Products for a steal for beauty worth the steal.”

Product Description

“Deep Cooling Moisturiser: For sensitive, Dry Skin

Skin products can be confusing to buy. Every product makes that soothing promise of preserving moisture on your skin while keeping it oily and healthy. So why should you trust this one? 

Because the brains behind it know the pain. Kelly Martin, the brains behind this product’s innovative formula, suffered from dry, irritable skin for 25 years. After trying out hundreds of products with no success, she decided to experiment with her own formulation to find a lasting solution not just for herself but also others going through the same struggle.

Deep Cooling Moisturiser is the product of that sweat and hard work. Together with a team of beauty chemists from top global universities, Kelly’s developed a product that keeps moisture and healthy oils in, all day, with minimal application. 

Is it worth the try? Flora Depp and Laura Keith, two beauty bloggers and critics with a similar history of dry, sensitive skin, think this is a bang for your derm. Don’t believe them? Visit your nearby store or go to deepcoolmoisturizer.ab/buy and test it yourself.”

Search Ad Headline

“Taking too Much Time Applying Make-Up? We Have a Kit for You.” 

Facebook Ad Headline

“Let’s Talk Fragrances: Our Top 5 Picks for a Date.”

Get the Services of a Reputable Copywriter

A professional beauty copywriter is essentially what’s standing between you and great sales for your cosmetic business. Identify your niche and start changing how you market yourself to consumers by contacting a professional copywriter today.

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