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Website vs. Facebook Business Page (a Table Comparison)

Social media should support your website.

And that is why you need a ‘website’ and ‘Facebook business page’ for maximum customer reach and to thrive online.

This table compares 20 important factors (between the two) that will lead you to the same conclusion.

# Factor Website Facebook Business Page


Setup Investment

Building a website can cost thousands of dollars – the sky is the limit – and it all depends how far you want to go with design. You can see a full breakdown of website costs in 2022 (according to Website Builder Expert) here.

Free, as long as you have a personal profile on Facebook and a business. But past this step, there may be additional costs – like you may pay someone to improve your Facebook business page or spend money elsewhere.


Setup Time

Developing and designing a website can take anywhere between 2-4 months (typically). Note: Critical factor that determines how quickly the site is completed, is supplying the content at the beginning of the process, rather than at the end.

Get started in no more than a couple of minutes (as long as you have a personal  Facebook account). And to do so, follow these 8 set-up tips to create your Facebook business page and grow your brand, courtesy of Business Insider.


Maintenance Time

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS), that is the right fit for your company, determines ease of maintenance. If you choose wisely, then it becomes an easy routine. But if you choose poorly, it can be a time-consuming task.

Not difficult with a wealth of great resources on the web. Like this checklist, and these top 10 must read tips to run a successful Facebook business page, here. Note: You must comply though with Facebook terms of service (TOS).


Early Exposure

Not good unless there is a significant investment of money. And this is because trust, expertise and authority (what’s needed to build a better brand) takes time to establish.

Can be good if you make the most of Facebook’s platform and work hard to gain an audience by creating value with frequent posts that connect with the target audience and inspire action.



The sky is the limit. But only if you’re diversifying your methods of increasing website traffic (not just relying on SEO). A diversified strategy might include: Content marketing, video marketing, appearing on podcasts, paid ads, social media, email marketing and providing excellent customer service.

You will have access to 2.85 billion active monthly users and that customer base only continues to grow. But unless you follow Facebook best practices and a great Facebook marketing strategy (like here), then you won’t be utilising that traffic. Instead, you will be talking to an empty audience.


Barrier to Entry

Not everyone has a Facebook account (all different ages). And studies have shown Gen Z will probably kill Facebook.


Mobile Friendliness

The responsibility of whoever created your website (and a must). Because with your target audience glued to their mobile devices anywhere, anytime – you can reach them more effectively.

Facebook is a huge company (with billions using the platform) and so you can count on it for mobile friendliness. But you still need to comply with the Facebook terms of service (TOS) when posting.



You own the website, leads and content (and control the experience). Summary: Your website is the hub of your online presence.

You don’t own your Facebook business page. You are dependent on Facebook and can lose your page if you don’t comply with their TOS.


Asset / Brandability

Your website is your greatest asset because it’s the hub of your marketing strategy (that sets your brand up for all success). It is better for professionalism, building credibility and brandability.

You are building your brand on the Facebook platform – therefore your business page can’t be considered a real asset. It’s still an asset, but one that can at any time, cease to exist, due to a breach of Facebook’s TOS.



You have someone’s undivided attention for at least a few seconds and if your website impacts, it can be much more.

Facebook has an abundance of information and as reported here, that is lowering our collective attention span on the platform.


Real Conversations

Real conversations are easy with a website through various contact channels like: Phone, email, contact form, live chat and much more.

Facebook limits your functionalities on the platform and therefore inhibits you having real conversations with your target audience.



Unlimited potential but SEO for any website is a long-term game to see real growth in traffic and conversions for the site.

Facebook business pages can be found by Google, but you’re limited by how much information you can include on the page.


Google Ads

Best practice to achieve maximum results is to use a website as the destination for google ads.

Not best practice as a destination for Google ads for the reasons listed in this response by Callie Jade in Quora.



Unlimited potential because all information can be displayed on a website. So all that stands in the way of success is a great marketing strategy.

Good potential but not all information can be displayed on a Facebook business page due to limitations and this limits marketing potential.



Your website analytics (like Google Analytics) can turn your website into actionable and visual insights, which increase return on investment (ROI).

Facebook analytics is no longer available. As a result, you need to use other tools for your analytics. And here are 4 alternative ones you can use.



No matter the levels of competition, nothing beats consistent marketing efforts. Because when you are ‘consistent’, competition decreases over time, leaving larger market share.

Due to the low barrier of entry, Facebook competition is only likely to increase. Because as reported here by Tech Crunch, there is a surplus of information being created (which leaves little time to digest).



Provided a website has been created properly, processes within it can be automated (the potential is limitless, and you can work smarter).

While automation can be achieved, you are limited by Facebook’s in-built limitations (so you’ll be restricted and have to work harder).


Lead Generation

Websites allow you to gather leads from a variety of places. Like: Contact forms, blog subscriber forms, lead generation offers, live chat and more.

Leads are gathered from less sources than a website. Not a deal breaker but having more sources can expand target market reach / can increase conversions.



As proved by all the points we’ve made in this table, a website is an overall better sales tool.

Whilst a great tool, ‘Facebook dependency’ is what makes it a lesser sales tool than a website.


Return on Investment

Offers you the best chance to set yourself apart from your competitors and create a better brand that reaches more of your target market and maximise ROI.

A must to work in tandem with your website to maximise ROI. But it’s the ‘limitations’ of Facebook that ‘limit’ your ROI and that’s why a website is the clear ROI winner.


Henry Ford once said: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

So take these ‘wise words’ as inspiration to move forward together with both a ‘website’ and a ‘Facebook’ business page, to build your brand better.

Besides, people tend to trust brands with a Facebook business page and a website over the ones with just a Facebook business page.

And remember, the best brands are not built-in isolation, but with a 360-degree approach to marketing.

Over to You…

Do you agree with Website vs. Facebook Business Page (a Table Comparison?). Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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