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15 SEO Lies that SEO Consultants Tell You (Table Breakdown)

So you’re interested in doing SEO.

But before moving forward with any SEO provider, listen carefully to what your SEO consultant is saying.

Because if you hear any of these 15 SEO lies – walk away.

Note: The 15 SEO lies are presented in table format for easy digestibility.

Lie# Lie Lie Analysis


SEO is All You Need

SEO is an integral component of Digital marketing but it’s not the ‘magic fix’ to all your online business problems. Therefore, you need to consider 21 essential digital marketing components and understand that diversification is essential for success.


SEO is a One-Time Fix

Constantly changing markets, competition and search engine rules mean SEO is not a one-time event but a continual process that never stops over the life of a business. So if you want maximum online visibility, you need to accept SEO will be ongoing.


SEO is Complicated

Sure Google has over 200 ranking factors in their search algorithm but that doesn’t mean it cannot be explained simply. Because when you go to the highest level - SEO is great content and links that act as votes of confidence to support that great content.


All You Need to Do is Follow Google’s Recommendations

Come on if all SEOs were just following Google’s recommendations, then why do people keep asking: “What will it take me to get to the first page?” It takes skill, expertise and years of practical experience to execute SEO campaigns effectively.


We’ll Get You on The First Page Within ‘X’ Period

This is just a guarantee that is all ‘marketing hype’ to win your business. No SEO can guarantee to secure your rankings on the first page within ‘x’ days. There are too many variables in SEO and Google is in control of determining where websites rank.


We’re a Google Certified Partner

No such thing and another case of ‘marketing hype’ to win your business. No SEO has a ‘special relationship’ with Google. Google is the search engine of choice and a big enough brand to make its own decisions – so it doesn’t need to partner up with any SEOs.


We Know the Algorithms

Brian Dean lists out Google’s 200 ranking factors but with Search Engine Journal agreeing that most experts estimate that Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times each year - even if some SEO’s believe they have a rough idea of the algorithm - it’s impossible to keep up with the changes – it’s simply speculation.


We Can Help Any Industry Rank

SEO is not a one size fits all for any industry. Because a successful SEO strategy requires a deep understanding of user intent, and this varies across industries. So that’s right – effective SEO requires real insight into your industry - before any genuine results can be achieved.


The More Links, The Better

Quite the opposite because it’s all about the ‘quality’ of your links not the quantity. Take time to understand the 7 link quality metrics that matter but overall understand that one high quality link can bring you more results than thousands of low quality links easily.


The More Keywords, The Better.

Keywords will always be important in SEO but Google is moving beyond keywords towards topic clusters (the next evolution of SEO). So gone are the days where you can stuff a bunch of keywords on your page and expect results. The Google Search Algorithm is incredibly sophisticated and can even rank pages at the top of the search results with barely a mention of the keyword on the entire page (it’s true).


Duplicate Content Won’t Hurt Your SEO

29% of the web is actually duplicate content. And while in many cases it’s not intentional it doesn’t help Google fulfill its primary goal of satisfying user intent and making the web a better place. So with that in mind – it’s obvious that duplicate content is out there – but you cannot ignore it – because Google values unique content – and so if you satisfy both your target audience and Google with unique content that is high quality/valuable then you can expect results.


High Quality Content is All That Matters

The Colosseum in Rome was built to impress. They hosted the first Roman gladiator games in 264 BC. But compare ‘high quality content’ to the ‘magic’ that the Colosseum brings its viewers. Because there is no way the Colosseum could be admired by all if they didn’t get the word out there that it’s so great. So with your ‘high quality content’ it’s not good enough in SEO just to create it and expect results. You need to earn that right by ensuring you’re fulfilling other marketing criteria that not only makes your content shine but your brand shine (what matters).


Social Media is Not Important in SEO

To say social media is not important in SEO is a foolish statement because effective SEO requires a 360-degree approach that must consider all components. Social media does affect SEO because it provides an ease-of-access stream for anybody to engage and share your content with other people who require it. And if you’re interested here are 22 things you should never do on social media.


Don’t Worry About Google Algorithm Updates

You should not worry about Google Algorithm updates because they are frequent (with 500-600 updates a year on average) and will only become more frequent. But you should at least have an ‘awareness’ of these updates because they can have a serious impact on your brands bottom-line. And the best way to embrace this ‘awareness’ is to have an open-business-relationship with your SEO where you discuss upcoming/recent algorithm updates transparently to ensure there are no nasty surprises for your brand and if there are, you’re well prepared.


You Can’t Do SEO Yourself

It’s true that SEO moves fast (like the consistently changing Google search algorithm). But the information is all out there on the web and there is nothing stopping you from doing the SEO for your own brand. But be warned – you’ll need time – and time is money. However, if you have the time, then you can’t beat learning SEO of these 3 thought leaders:


Effective SEO is all about transparency – no matter how exciting or unexciting that may be.

And English writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley summarises this perfectly when he once said: “An unexciting truth may be eclipsed by a thrilling lie.”

So no matter how thrilling one of these 15 SEO lies sounds to achieving the results you want – if you hear them – remember this is an SEO consultant lying to win your business.

Hence you need to walk away and only do business with a transparent SEO provider for best long-term results. 

Over to You…

Do you agree with 15 SEO Lies from SEO Consultants (Table Breakdown)? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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