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Reasons You Should Invest in Real Estate Copywriting

The American real estate industry has been on a steady rise for well over a decade. According to statistics, compared to 2010, when only 4.18 million homes were sold, 2022 projections predict 5.95 million homes getting new owners.

As much as these numbers please most real estate agents, the biggest beneficiaries are brands that invest in real estate copywriting.

Copywriting is the staple of modern marketing. For instance, when it comes to marketing emails, messages written at the reading level of a third-grade student enjoy 36% more responses. Curating such kind of captivating, simple, and engaging content needs the skillful hands of a copywriter.

If you’re still pondering whether real estate copywriting is the best investment for your realtor business, dive in and learn how your sales can be flipped upwards using better words.

What is Real Estate Copywriting?

Real estate copywriting is any form of writing aimed at selling property. It includes writings such as an ad copy, agent bio, headlines, your website’s “About Us” page, and property descriptions. These writings have the potential to pique the buyer’s interest or turn them away from your listing, website, or social media page.

Real estate copywriting uses persuasive language that resonates with the buyer and drives them towards making a purchase that will drive sales and earn you a commission.

However, getting the right words to piece together for great copy is simpler said than done. Real estate customers don’t simply want short descriptions of their dream home or a persuasive list of “top features.”

Buying a home is a big emotional decision. Therefore, effective real estate copywriting taps into the buyer’s personal needs and desires and shows them how the property they’re getting will make them feel happier, accomplished, and satisfied that they’ve made the right decision.

That’s unlike the conventional copy you see in most real estate ads where:

  • The house features are listed in a dry list
  • The description comprises vague sentences and boring text that communicate little to the buyer
  • The text bears no story or narrative
  • The listing paints a vague picture of the property and doesn’t ignite the imagination
  • The words used do not drive the reader towards making a purchase.

The Two Main Elements of a Real Estate Ad

A real estate ad bears two key elements. These are the headline and the body copy.

The Headline

The headline is the first part of the ad your potential buyer will encounter. It is also the most important part of the copy. 

According to research, 8 out of 10 people only read the headline. No matter how good the property description may be or how good of a deal the property may be, the headline will lose or gain you sales.

The Body Copy

The body allows you to share more about the property and why your potential buyer should spend their hard-earned money on it. The body should be relevant to the headline and compelling enough to make the potential buyer see the property as a worthy investment.

Little mistakes within this section can throw off your lead completely. Research shows that 74% of web users pay close attention to the quality of grammar and spelling on a website. Therefore, you must have a professional proofread the work and ensure the copy contains no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Also, conventional body copies for real estate ads are typically keyword stuffed, for SEO purposes, with little and irrelevant information to the reader. Such content often goes unopened since readers cannot tell whether the copy will address their property concerns.

5 Top Advantages of Real Estate Copywriting and Hiring a Real Estate Copywriter

Here are the perks investing in real estate copywriting and hiring a copywriter gets you.

1. It Shows the Vendor You’re Serious About Selling Their Home

In a typical setup, most real estate marketing budget is spent on professional photography, videos, great floor plans, signage, printed marketing material, and in most modern cases, drone photography. Adding a real estate copywriter is taking an extra step forward.

Often, that shows the vendor that you’re serious about selling their home and only putting serious, well-thought-out ads in the market.

2. It Increases Your Chances of Winning More Listings

Adding a real estate copywriter to your marketing budget means you’re using all marketing tools at your disposal to market and sell your properties. To the potential buyer, it shows that you’re a serious realtor keen on offering quality, uncompromised services.

This gives you an edge in a very competitive field where you’re fighting for the buyer’s attention with hundreds of other real estate agents. Therefore, you win more listings, close more deals, and earn a better commission.

3. It Sets You Apart from the Competition

Quality real estate copy differentiates your real estate business from others within the marketplace. Moreover, quality copy earns better click-through rates, generating more inquiries and interest in the property you’re selling.

That’s because it creates a meaningful emotional connection between the prospective buyers and the property, even before they request an open house visit.

Consequently, since you attract a larger group of interested buyers, your listed properties stay in the market for a shorter period, earning a great reputation among property sellers.

4. It Sells You as A Brand

Real estate copywriting is not solely about selling homes in real estate. It can be used to market yourself as a real estate agent or company. Using strategic words, great copy can place you as a trusted and authoritative real estate agent or company with expert knowledge of the local real estate landscape.

Apart from writing real estate ad copy, real estate copywriters can write blog posts for your website, draft content for key sections in your website such as “About Us,” write thought leadership articles on your LinkedIn page, prepare market reports, newsletters, and any other authoritative copy.

You can also use copywriting to keep your clients informed about changes in the real estate landscape that you normally won’t have time writing or talking about in your busy daily schedule. 

As they digest this content, they relate to your brand as a knowledgeable real estate partner who they can turn to when they want to buy or sell property.

5. It Improves Your Chances of Being Featured in Editorials

Editorials are one of the most effective ways of selling real estate. However, editors prefer working with great copies that reflect the tone and theme of the publication. By following these guidelines, the copy will appeal more to their readers.

Using a professional copywriter, you can produce real estate content that’ll be easily featured in local area reviews, new agent profiles, and property listings.

Only Seek Professional Copywriting Services

Copywriting is an intricate blend of art and science. Using it in your real estate marketing is a great investment that will yield great returns. For the best results, contact the services of a professional copywriter who understands real estate and buyers’ needs.

Over to You…

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