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3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Backup Copywriter

So you’ve got a great copywriter growing your brand with effective copy.

But in life events happen and circumstances change – that may put a sudden halt to your working relationship with your copywriter.

And that’s why it’s a must for your brand to have a backup copywriter, here are 3 reasons why. 

1. Your Copywriter Might Move on

Your perception right now might be you’ve got your copywriter for the long haul but in life situations can change in a heartbeat.

So your copywriter as a human being (like you) can quickly make a decision based on emotion (later justified with logic) – which means they want to cease their working relationship with your brand immediately.

Whether it be a:

  • Financial decision (a big motivating factor)
  • Career change (with a new opportunity arising)
  • Strategic change (with specialisation being the focus).

Takeaway: Just like your brand should never accept the status quo – you need to accept that while your copywriter may appear content in their role helping your brand – they are ready to quickly make a decision that may mean they can no longer work with you, but to better their life instead. So accept this and embrace change/take a proactive approach (just like your brand should) by at least having 1 (if not 2) backup copywriter’s that you can turn to – by following the screening process in our hiring a copywriter: the definitive guide.

2. Your Copywriter Might Drop Their Standards

Just because you’ve been working with your copywriter for over 3 years (or however long) doesn’t mean there won’t be a change in the standard of copy produced for your brand.

The drop in standards may be caused by a:

  • Change in circumstance (we already spoke about this in 1. – so maybe the copywriter has more going on in their life now)
  • Work overload (the copywriter has taken on more work than they can handle and thus the quality of their copy is suffering)
  • Lack of motivation (yes that’s right – because no matter how many years you’ve been working with your copywriter – emotions can change, which can trigger a downturn in motivation).

Takeaway: You expect high standards in your copywriter because you know those standards are the difference between you/all competitors and what will take your brand to the next level. But it’s a false approach to believe the high standards of yesterday will easily be achieved today. So take leverage from our hiring a copywriter: the definitive guide and try to have one (if not two) backup copywriter’s (that ideally you’ve trialed) to ensure your brand doesn’t suffer a sudden dip in standards, that becomes detrimental to achieving the best results.

3. Your Brand Needs to Continue with Momentum

If you check our hiring a copywriter: the definitive guide you’ll notice that the screening process is in-depth and takes time.

And that’s for a reason.

Because it’s designed to ensure only the best copywriters come through all 4 phases of screening before starting work with your brand.

So if you lose your valuable copywriter (and don’t have a backup one) it could be a number of months before you find a suitable replacement.

And that’s critical ‘content downtime’ where you lose momentum, which is everything to building your brand with effective copy.

Takeaway: Put ‘reactive’ to one side and instead take a ‘proactive’ approach to ensuring you can continue to build your brand better with ‘consistent high-quality content’ over the long-term. Therefore, when you’re using our hiring a copywriter: the definitive guide to bring onboard one good copywriter to get results for your brand – it makes sense (again being proactive) to use the same process to have at least another one (if not two) copywriter’s as backup.


Famous American tennis player Serena Williams summarises the importance of having a backup plan best: “If Plan A isn’t working, I have Plan B, Plan C, and even Plan D.”

So knowing the importance of building your brand with high quality content – don’t take the status quo for granted and have a single point of failure within your brand where you only have one copywriter.

Instead, for best long-term results for your brand, ensure your brand is proactive by having at least one backup copywriter (if not two). 

Over to You…

Do you agree with 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Backup Copywriter? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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