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How Much Do Copywriting Services Cost in Sydney?

Copywriters are essential in any modern business. According to statistics, 60% of marketers report that content marketing generates great leads and demand. Copywriters serve as that crucial link between great content and great lead generation.

However, the elephant in the room is pricing. Not so many businesses know how much they should pay copywriters for their work and why copywriters have to ask for that much in the first place.

Your answers are in this piece.

Here’s all you need to know about the cost of copywriting services in Sydney and Australia, the different payment options available, why copywriters charge as much as they do, and the typical process you’ll go through with your favourite pick.

How Much Does Copywriting in Australia Generally Cost?

The average copywriter rate in Australia is between $125 to $250 per hour. Typically, you’ll pay $500 to $1500 for a single-page blog or website content writing. These rates are affected by skill, experience, SEO needs, time, and word count.

A typical rate sheet in Sydney will look as follows:

  • Per page writing – $350
  • Hourly rate – $125 to $250 per hour
  • 5 pages package – $1800
  • 10 pages package – $3600
  • Bundle package (SEO + content writing) – discussed per client needs. Typically offers more value.

These are the rates for top-level copywriters with over four years of experience working for big brands and several high-demanding clients. Such experienced copywriters should be your go-to if you want the best results.

However, you can go down the tier and save a few bucks.

Less-experienced new/junior copywriters charge the least. They have an experience of 0 – 2 years, offering their services at hourly rates between $70 – $100.

Mid-level copywriters charge slightly more but less than top-level copywriters. Their rates typically range between $100 – $130 hourly.

However, these rates will vary hugely across Sydney and the greater Australian copywriter market. The best way to determine whether you’re paying the right amount for the copywriter is by assessing their output and the value it brings to your business.

How Do Copywriters Charge for Their Work?

Copywriters charge for their jobs differently. Some cost by the hour, others offer a fixed rate per project, while others charge per word. Here’re the various common ways you might be billed.

Fixed Price

A copywriter might charge a flat fee to cover the costs of the entire job. The fixed price of a job will be affected by:

  • How long the project takes to complete
  • The value the copywriter will offer in the project.

Fixed prices are an excellent option for small businesses and corporates.

Hourly Rates

Some copywriters also charge an hourly rate, which most ad agencies prefer. You’ll find this option mostly with experienced copywriters who have a firm idea of how long it takes them to produce a piece of work.

Most copywriters charging hourly rates will also have contract terms and conditions that cover them in case the project takes longer than expected.

Charging by the Word

Most copywriters don’t prefer this mode of costing their work. It was popular back in magazine journalism days. The dislike for charging by the word is for the following reasons:

  • It turns copywriting into a commodity rather than a creative and professional service.
  • The copywriter focuses more on quantity than quality. Sometimes short copy has a greater punch than long-form content. For instance, statistics show that a positive correlation between word count and backlinks only exists up to 1,000 words. Beyond that, the correlation may turn negative.
  • The copywriter is incentivised to work quickly, which leads to poor output.

Many Australian copywriters are shying away from this pricing model.

Daily Charges

Copywriting agencies in Australia mostly charge for their services by the day. The standard way of pricing this is by multiplying hourly rates by six.

Factors that Affect Copywriting Pricing

The following essential factors will affect how much your copywriting project will cost.

General Planning and Research

Effective SEO copy requires extensive market research to assess the level of content already available, perform competition analysis, and many more tasks. Good planning and research create an excellent foundation for building linkable assets.

SEO Needs

Good copywriters create top-ranking content, which is very challenging to produce. The copywriter must research keywords and the search intent, determine content flow, and many more. The more complex your SEO needs, the higher the copywriter will charge you.

Word Count

A higher word count calls for a higher charge for copywriting services.


Text is just one part of SEO. Great SEO content will also have information in various media, such as images, infographics, data-driven charts, and videos. The more media you want to be added to the page or created by the copywriter, the more they’ll charge you.


This is a copywriter’s biggest asset. A creative copywriter will come up with excellent ideas, writing, and research data.

Locality and Language

A copywriter’s primary objective is to deliver content that will engage your audience. Therefore, it is best to work with a local Sydney copywriter to create relevant content for your audience. Since they have specific knowledge, they may charge slightly higher, albeit with better results.

Other Factors

Other essential factors that will affect the fixed price of a copywriting job include:

  • Experience – More experienced copywriters with a portfolio of big brands will charge more
  • Skillset – A copywriter may charge more for their niche area
  • Demand – If a copywriter has a long waitlist, they may charge a slightly higher price
  • Location – Copywriters working in large cities will charge a higher price than ones in rural areas because of the higher cost of living
  • Turnaround time – If you want a quick turnaround, the copywriter may add a rush fee to cover working late and over the weekend
  • Client status – A reasonable copywriter may charge slightly less to startups and charities and place a slightly higher premium on corporates.

How Copywriters Will Generally Approach Pricing

Rarely will you get a copywriter who’ll give you a definitive cost for your project. Instead, you should expect two things.

Ballpark Figures

Copywriters work with ballpark figures to provide an initial rough estimate and then settle on a final figure after considerable negotiation with the client.
Ballpark figures also give you ample time to consider the actual requirements of your project, such as the number of pages you require and other essential elements that can fit within the budget based on the writer’s rate and extract the best value from the job.


Nearly all copywriters in Sydney will ask for deposits. The deposit will typically range between 30% to 50% of the total cost. Sometimes, the copywriter may ask for a 100% deposit if the job’s value is very small and you’re a new client.
The copywriter will bill the remaining amount at project completion or another agreed milestone if the project is huge. For instance, a copywriter might split the payments of a big project into chunks of 40%, 30%, and 30%, each determined by a given milestone. 


Copywriters in Sydney and Australia may also add fees for GST as per the Australian Tax office.


Most copywriters in Australia attach a terms and conditions page in their invoices specifying essential details such as payment returns and terms. Most offer a 7-14 day payment term for the invoices.

The Typical Process You'll Go Through with a Copywriter

Most copywriters have a process they take their clients through as they bid for a job, handle it, and deliver it. The typical process goes as follows:

The Talking Stage

The copywriter responds to your initial inquiry or places a bid and schedules a short introduction to see whether you’re a good fit for each other. You’ll talk about the project details, timeline, and budget at this stage.

You can tell them about your business and ask essential questions you may have.

Brief and Quote

After getting an idea of what you want and your budget, the copywriter will create the following:

  • Creative brief – This brief details the finer things about your project to define its scope and vision. The more information you have, the better the creative brief the copywriter will create, leading to a better result.
  • Proposal and quote – Once you’re satisfied with the creative brief, the copywriter will create a proposal or quote. The quote may be similar to their regular pricing or different based on your unique needs.

You can accept and sign the proposal and quote, followed by a deposit for the copywriter to begin work.


The copywriter must establish what’s unique about your business, brand voice, audience needs, and key messages. They’ll also research your competitors to uncover their language and approach and figure out your customers’ search intent.

Create the Content

With enough information, the copywriter will start working on your piece, ensuring your brand voice is consistent.


The copywriter will issue the first draft, which you can provide feedback on and ask for refinements. Most copywriters offer up to a second review, where you make final changes to the copy.

However, the number of free revisions a copywriter allows and their charges afterward vary.

Final Draft and Review

With all revisions satisfied, the copywriter delivers the final piece. Once the invoice is paid, the writer transfers the copyright of their work to you. You can freely use their content for marketing, promoting, and providing various messaging in your business.

Get the Best Services from a Professional

Getting copywriting services in Sydney should be a walk in the park. The rates are reasonable, and you’ll get extreme value for your money if you contact the best copywriter in town.

Over to You…

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