3 reasons:

  • Former SEO business owner with over 12 years SEO experience
  • Results focus
  • Return on investment driven.

Building a bigger, better and bolder brand through a comprehensive process of improving exposure in search engines – Google (primarily) and Bing (secondary) to increase ‘organic’ search traffic.

SEO is about helping your business, by giving your web pages higher ranking in the Search Engine results (namely Google). You then benefit by having a stronger presence on the web: Which can lead to more traffic, leads, customers and sales.

  • Brand awareness
  • More leads / customers / sales
  • Return on investment.

More leads, customers and sales.

All done by creating bigger, better and bolder brands with consistent SEO efforts.

Will assist your business with anything ‘SEO’ related. Technical SEO. On-Page SEO. Content SEO. Off-Page SEO. Local SEO. Mobile SEO. And eCommerce SEO.

If I had a dollar for every time a client asked me this question, I’d be the World’s first trillionaire! 

But seriously: Type into Google ‘how long will it take to rank on the first page of Google’ – answer (all over the first page) is 3-6 months for a brand-new website. 

But the good news is that it can be quicker for a established website that has good domain authority.

SEO is not a one-time effort! SEO needs to be implemented as a long-term strategy to drives more leads, customers and sales to your business consistently.

Google Analytics is a free, popular and widely used tool to get key statistics and monitor traffic to your website.

Rank tracking tools are also great for tracking and monitoring your SEO progress. These help you track rankings of a specific page ‘visually’, so that you can quickly and accurately, see, if your SEO efforts are working.

You are welcome (and I encourage it) to give SEO a go yourself, but what happens (as a business owner) when you:

  • Get incredibly busy
  • Get stuck
  • Just don’t know what ‘SEO’ step to do next!

You need someone experienced like me to help you.

Contact me now to discuss SEO for your business.