100% guarantee you that I have a affordable rate for copywriting, and ensure you:

  • A comprehensive free quote before we start
  • No sales tricks
  • No nasty hidden costs at the end of the project.

My copywriting rates are ‘affordable’ compared to other copywriters.

Absolutely! Never underestimate the value of ‘professional captivating copy’ driving more leads, customers and sales to your business.

And remember:

Content will always be king!

The sky is the limit when it comes to how far you want to go with SEO, but I can 100% guarantee you, my SEO is:

  • Affordable
  • Results focused
  • Return on investment driven.

My SEO rates are ‘affordable’ compared to other SEO companies.

Absolutely! You cannot achieve ‘true’ brand exposure if you don’t invest in SEO that is:

Return on investment focused.

Like my approach!

Keyword research is the cornerstone of SEO and it’s definitely affordable. For a service-based business, you are typically looking at $350, but the final price will be determined, after a consultation with you, about your business.

Your Information Architecture need depends on the nature and size of your business – but it’s definitely an ‘affordable’ and ‘worthwhile’ investment, that sets your business up to win.

A deposit of 50% is payable before I start your important project. The balance is payable 10 business days after delivery of your first draft.

You will receive a comprehensive quote that breaks down the cost of your important project into:

  • Consultation time
  • Research time
  • Writing time.

All the risk is on me, because I do not charge you for additional revisions.

Unlimited revisions until you are 100% Satisfied Guaranteed! But of course, I always strive to execute your project correctly – first time.

The copywriting guarantee is implemented across my business to give you ‘peace of mind’ before engaging my copywriting service for the first time.

I guarantee to execute your project and meet your expectations (ideally exceed) within the unlimited revisions I offer you.