Keyword Research

Keyword Research

3 ultimate reasons:

  • 360° comprehensive process
  • All your “money keywords” found
  • Return on investment focus.

Keyword research is all about finding all your “money keywords” to bring your online business more:

  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Sales.

Absolutely! Keyword research is always the first “critical” step in the SEO process that lays all the foundations for your future business success to drive more leads, customers and sales. 

Quite simply…SEO does not exist without keyword research!

Keyword research should always be done at the beginning of the SEO process (that’s a given).

But SEO audits should be conducted at least every 3 months to thoroughly review which keywords are “winners” and which keywords are “losers” for a particular business.

  • Greater brand exposure
  • More leads, customers and sales
  • Return on investment.

More leads, customers and sales.

Quite simply…

With all your money keywords found……

More of your target market can find your business!

Essentially my keyword research process is all about:

  • Using manual keyword tools
  • Using automated keyword tools, and
  • Conducting comprehensive analysis of your keywords to…
  • Create a “roadmap” for your business
  • Create a “compass” for your business
  • Create a “master keyword strategy” for your business.

If you find that explanation a little confusing and want more details on my keyword research process just Contact me!

Many business owners will often engage someone to do “keyword research” when they first set up the business, but the fact of the matter is:

Keyword research must constantly be reviewed in the form of a “keyword audit” that prioritises what keywords to focus on going forward (for a business) and what keywords to eliminate.

Google Analytics is the best free tool in the market that allows you to pinpoint where:

  • Your traffic is coming from, and
  • Identify what keywords your leads are using to arrive at your site.

You certainly can give it a go and you will find that gathering keywords is the easy part but:

The analysis of keywords is where a lot of skills, experience and expertise are needed.

You need someone skilled, experienced and qualified like me to help you.

Contact me Now to discuss keyword research for your business.