Information Architecture

Information Architecture

3 reasons:

  • Over 12 years Information architecture experience
  • User experience focused (key to high organic rankings)
  • Return on investment driven.

Information architecture is about careful, precise, effective, clear and logical planning of content to ensure:

Optimal user experience.

Information architecture (as a business owner) is about giving your target market the best and most pleasant user experience to drive more leads, customers and sales to your business.


You need to create logical Information architecture that will increase the average users experience (key to rankings), and:

You must consider search engines in forming a ‘smart’ content structure (also key to rankings).

Information architecture can be undertaken at any stage for a business, but it’s strongly recommended to:

Get your Information architecture ‘organised’ and ‘executed’ at the start of forming a business’s content strategy.

4 benefits:

  • Increase user experience (key to high rankings)
  • Better project scope
  • Content gap/s correction
  • Return on investment.

Get more leads, customers and sales for your business.

All done by providing a better user experience for your ‘target market.’

Sorry, but it’s too complicated, to answer in a FAQ answer! You can easily contact me to discuss more though.

But (just so you know) my process is about:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Strategising

Before I ‘execute’ your Information architecture strategy.

Believe in doing it once and well!

But there needs to be a commitment to getting Information architecture right the first time, to ensure:

  • No stone is left unturned
  • The best results
  • You don’t have to go back and do it again.

The best way to track results of your Information architecture is through a ‘comprehensive audit’ to assess the results.

And if you’d like to know more about that process:

Please contact me now

Have a go but Information architecture is an ‘acquired’ skill and ‘field’ of true expertise. You don’t want to:

  • Guess

When it comes to Information architecture!

With my Information architecture experience, I can help you 100% guaranteed. Contact me now to discuss Information architecture for your business.