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6 Ways You Can Use TikTok For Business to Boost Your Brand

TikTok is more than a platform for short funny videos and challenges. With the platform growing faster than any other social media platform, including giants like Facebook and Instagram from Meta, marketers have focused on leveraging it to attract a new audience.

In 2021, TikTok topped the charts as the most downloaded app globally, raking 656 million downloads. By the summer of 2021, it had one billion monthly active users.

By this time, various brands and personalities were using TikTok to gain new audiences and customers.

For instance, The Pool Guy gained fame by posting videos of himself cleaning pools around the U.K. His TikTok posts became wildly popular, gaining 8 million followers for his account, with revenue as high as £11,187 per post.

How can your brand replicate this kind of success? Why should you be considering a presence in TikTok in the first place? Here’s what you should know.

What is TikTok for Business?

Since it’s a relatively new social media platform, many marketers are grappling to understand how to use TikTok for marketing. Typically, you don’t want to use a standard TikTok account for TikTok marketing. You need TikTok for Business.

Formerly known as TikTok Ads, TikTok for Business is an all-in-one marketing tool built to help brands realise their full marketing potential on TikTok through viral videos, campaigns, and creative content.

The platform has become increasingly popular among marketers, winning the 2021 B2B Brand of the Year Award at The Drum Awards for B2B.

TikTok for Business makes it easy for brands to advertise on TikTok by offering in-depth guides and solutions that cover the following:

  • Introduction to TikTok for Business
  • The Creative Exchange
  • Creative Best Practices
  • The TikTok Shop.

The platform also features inspirational success stories, how-to videos, and blog posts that help your brand leverage the marketing power of TikTok.

Why Should Your Business Consider Using TikTok?

TikTok for Business sounds great on paper. But is it the right marketing platform for every brand?

Various reasons laud TikTok as the social media platform your brand should have a presence in. Here’re some you should consider. 

High Consumer Spending

TikTok is the leading app for consumer spending, with 2021 reports showing that users spent $2.3 billion. That is a $1 billion improvement from 2020 figures. 

Increase Brand Awareness

TikTok provides multiple ways for your brand to spread awareness about itself and its offerings. You can run various ads, work with a wide selection of influencers, and use various features such as hashtags and branded stickers to put your business in the spotlight. 

You also have a high potential of going viral if you create unique and entertaining content.

Connect with a Younger Audience

TikTok holds a significant percentage of new, younger buyers that businesses want to target. Data shows that 47.4% of TikTok users in the U.S. are aged below 30. Over half of this number are teenagers. 

Therefore, TikTok is a goldmine for brands targeting younger audiences such as millennials, and Gen Z. Data shows that these buyers are also more willing to spend their money, with 37% instantly seeking to buy a product once they discover it.

Increase Brand Exposure

Consumers are in love with videos. Data shows that users consumed an average of 2.5 hours of video content daily in 2022. That’s up from 1.8 hours per day in 2018. The same research shows that users are likelier to share video content with friends than most other online content. 

Currently, TikTok is the king of online video content. Therefore, through TikTok, brands get access to millions of potential views, covering an audience of over 140 countries.

More importantly, these users are highly engaged, with data showing that an average TikTok user opens the app 19 times a day and actively uses it for 89 minutes daily. 

Improve Brand Authenticity

Running cheesy adverts on social media can be harmful to your brand. Consumers want to connect emotionally with a business, with data showing that 90% believe authenticity plays a huge role in their choice to support a brand.

TikTok for business offers solutions that improve brand authenticity. You can jump on numerous trends, with the option of only riding on those that maintain the brand’s personality and are aligned with the content other popular content creators make on the platform.

Make Your Marketing Look Organic

Traditional advertising doesn’t work for companies targeting Gen Z consumers. Data shows that 99% of consumers in this generation will hit skip on an ad if the option is available. Nearly two-thirds use adblockers to avoid any form of online advertising.

What works for this generation is organic marketing. TikTok provides an avenue for using non-invasive techniques to grab the attention of your target audience using engaging content. Most content creators on TikTok have mastered this technique, gaining brands great traction with younger buyers through viral content.

Access to Influencers

Influencer marketing has become a powerful medium for marketers. Data shows that 75% of marketers use influencers, with 90% believing the strategy is effective. 

TikTok for Business ensures that you can fully leverage the power of influencers to market your brand to consumers. It offers The Creators Marketplace, where you can partner with a potentially unlimited number of influencers and tap into their audiences. 

You can easily find influencers with the right reach, engagement, and demographics for your business needs. 

6 Ways You Can Use TikTok for Business to Boost Your Brand

There are various strategies you can use to promote your business using TikTok. Here’re six effective ones.

1. Use a TikTok Business Account

When using TikTok, you can use either a Business Account or Creator Account. Business Accounts are the best option for brands using TikTok for Business. That’s because TikTok specifically designed them for such.

TikTok Business Accounts come packed with excellent features to improve audience engagement. These include campaign management advice, in-depth metrics, a commercial music library featuring over 500,000 royalty-free sounds, and TikTok’s Web Business Suite.

You can create a TikTok Business Account by converting your current standard account into a Business Account or creating a new one from scratch.

Setting up the account is similar to any other social media platform, typically requiring an email and password. You’ll also be needed to provide a username, typically your brand name. If your brand name is already taken, you can add a prefix or suffix to make it unique.

With the Business Account set up, you can start thinking about who you want to target, what you want to achieve with the account, and the kind of videos you’ll create.

2. Entertain and Educate First, Sell Second

While TikTok offers powerful growth opportunities, its marketing DNA differs from other platforms. Marketing on TikTok should have a less promotional approach. Brand growth in TikTok relies heavily on the quality of content you produce.

Consumers on the platform evaluate brands based on how much value they deliver to them. Users log on primarily for entertainment. Therefore, they can be easily unamused by promotional content that wants to distract them from this experience.

Your content should build a connection with the user, giving them immediate value while driving brand recognition.

For every content you produce, judge it based on what the audience stands to gain from it. Is it entertainment, education, or both? Are you providing a solution to your user’s problems or leading with an offering you want to sell?

3. Have a Powerful and Consistent Content Strategy

Before churning out any content, research to help you understand your TikTok demographic and the type of content they like. This information allows you to develop an apt content strategy to drive your TikTok marketing campaigns.

Your content strategy should outline details such as the type of content you’ll produce and how often you’ll publish it.

Entertainment and dance content may not be appropriate for every brand, albeit very popular on the platform. However, practical and informative content is just as popular and a great avenue to build awareness about your brand.

Therefore, your content strategy can explore ideas such as life hacks, DIYs, advice, how-to, and tutorial videos. You should try to strike a balance between these types of content to diversify your feed and appeal to different categories of users.

For instance, you can publish entertaining and funny videos for general engagement while providing tutorial videos to inform and educate your audience about using your products.

Your content calendar should also ensure consistency with your posting to maintain strong visibility on the platform. Using this strategy keeps your audience more engaged with your content, returning for more as you continue publishing.

4. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a goldmine for brands, especially B2C businesses. It’s often the easiest and least expensive way of acquiring and sharing high-converting and engaging content.

User-generated content is content that users create for your business. You can repost or share this content on your social media platforms with permission from your users.

For instance, you can start a branded hashtag trend or challenge on TikTok, letting users post relevant content through that hashtag to increase brand exposure and awareness.

Through such content, you’re able to:

  • Consistently provide your TikTok feed with engaging content
  • Acquire new customers through social proof
  • Delight customers by offering them recognition.

Before starting a challenge to get user-generated content, establish your goals for the campaign. Typically, you’ll be targeting the following:

  • Driving sales for a new product
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Promoting an upcoming event.

With your objectives defined, you can explore various ways to promote your challenge and get user-generated content. They include the following:

  • Work with TikTok to promote your challenge – TikTok can sponsor hashtag challenges at a fee, showcasing it in your audience’s feed as they explore the app.
  • Partner with influencers – TikTok users can participate in challenges sporadically. However, seeing their favourite influencer participate makes them more willing to join. Therefore, reach out to TikTok influencers in your niche to drive their audience to participate in the challenges.
  • Provide an incentive for participation – You can turn your challenge into a contest with a prize for the best participant. You can also set clever rules for participation, such as making it mandatory for participants to follow your TikTok and Instagram accounts.

5. Leverage the TikTok Ads Manager

TikTok Ads Manager makes starting an ad campaign on the platform easy. Typically, you have a selection of various forms of ads, including:

  • In-feed ads – These are standard TikTok ads that appear as videos on the user’s feed. They can link to landing pages and last up to 60 seconds.
  • Brand takeovers – These ads show up when a user launches the app. They can be 3.5-second videos or 3-second photos with potentially more conversion capability.
  • TopView ads – These are enhanced versions of brand takeovers, lasting between five to sixty seconds.
  • Sponsored hashtag challenges – This ad lets a brand sponsor a hashtag or challenge with a custom banner shown on the Discovery page.

Using the TikTok Ads Manager, you can select your goal for any of these ads. This can be generating web traffic, connecting with your audience, or generating leads.

You can choose your audience, setting the size manually or letting TikTok use its clever algorithm to do that for you. Then, you can also choose your ad budget and the period you want the campaigns to run.

TikTok offers a minimum campaign budget of $500 through the ads manager and a minimum ad group budget of $50.

You can design and launch your ad through the platform and monitor engagement, impressions, and revenue as they trickle in.

6. Partner with Creators on The Creator Marketplace

Data shows that interest in influencer marketing rose by 325% in 2021. Knowing influencers’ massive role on its platform, TikTok launched The Creator Marketplace (TCM) in 2019 to make collaboration between content creators and brands easier.

You can use the marketplace to search for registered content creators, pay them, manage their campaigns, and generate insights and reports. Therefore, your brand can easily manage multiple influencer campaigns and keep track of their performance through a single dashboard.

The Creator Marketplace also increases transparency between brands and creators, ensuring accurate reporting, and decision-making is simpler for businesses when assessing which influencers are helping them meet their goals.

You can search for influencers on the marketplace using various filters such as:

  • Topic
  • Country
  • Average views
  • Reach
  • Age
  • Gender
  • E-commerce anchor feature
  • Audience device.

Let a Professional Drive Your TikTok Ad Campaign Strategy

TikTok is the platform where brands should be advertising currently. It’s a rapidly growing social media platform with a highly engaged audience willing to spend on brands. 

However, you need a robust content strategy to make your campaigns work. Get in touch with a professional who’ll guide you through creating a TikTok content strategy that converts. 

Over to You…

Do you agree with 6 Ways You Can Use TikTok for Business to Boost Your Brand? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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