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5 Best Copywriting Companies to Work with in Sydney

Subtle details about your website and marketing copy significantly affect how well it performs. For instance, research shows that you can increase compliance with your CTAs by adding the word “because” with a reason.

Perhaps you’ve also been struggling with poor-performing social media posts. Well, research shows that 11-word headlines receive the most shares on Twitter and Facebook.

Nailing content creation and delivery is an intricate job requiring an expert’s experience. That’s why your business needs an excellent copywriter to transform how you message your customers.

Here’s all you need to know about copywriting and the five best copywriting companies you can get in Sydney.

Who is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is an expert who writes words that move an audience towards a particular action. They perform one of the most important tasks in advertising and marketing.

The product of a copywriter’s job is copy. To produce it, the copywriter studies the specific audience, understands their needs and desires, and strategises a way to best connect with the audience.

Their goal is to ensure the audience feels that their problem is understood and that the solution offered is the best.

Businesses can hire an in-house copywriter or contract the services of an independent copywriter or copywriting company.

What Do Copywriters Write?

Anytime you encounter written words from a business, they’ve probably been crafted by a copywriter. Copywriters compose phrases, taglines, paragraphs, and sentences that sell products and services for a company.

Therefore, they can produce business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and direct-to-consumer (D2C) copies for B2B, B2C, and D2C companies respectively.

A copywriter’s copy may appear on:

  • Prints ads in newspapers or magazines
  • Social media posts
  • Scripts for podcast and radio ads or any spoken advertising
  • Streaming services and TV ads in the form of on-screen words, scripts, and taglines
  • Website pages such as home, about, landing pages, and category pages
  • Billboards and posters
  • In-store signs.

What Does a Copywriter Do for Your Business?

A copywriter will do the following for your business:

Create Copy That Gets Results

The main objective of copywriting is to sell. Working with a professional copywriter will make various topics, business ideas, and services interesting to your buyer, which will drive engagement for your brand. 

With a compelling call to action, a copywriter will persuade your customers to sign up for your newsletter, buy your products, read your blog posts, open your emails, follow your social accounts, donate to your charity, or perform any other action you desire of them.

Showcase Your Brand and Its Uniqueness

The best way to engage your audience is by showing them your brand, its personality, and its uniqueness. A professional copywriter will produce compelling marketing materials that tell your brand story in your brand’s voice. 

They’ll show your brand’s strength, explain why it’s special, and make sure it’s memorable and distinct from competitors. 

Bring Your Business Media Attention

The better the copy your business produces, the more likely it will get media attention. Working with a professional copywriter gives you a better chance of having your brand and its story featured in a broadcast, print, or online publication. 

Boost SEO

Your content can only stand out online if it’s written with SEO in mind. A professional copywriter brings SEO expertise to your business, which boosts SEO and improves your online visibility to your audience.

They’ll know how to spot and use the right keywords to increase website traffic and push your site higher in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Saves You Time

You can’t avoid hiring a copywriter or at least learning copywriting if you want your business to stand out through compelling copies and content. The latter can be time-consuming. 

Therefore, hiring a professional copywriter saves you time and money since you can get professional copies quickly and within budget.

Write for Various Channels Appropriately

Different marketing channels need different approaches. For instance, using the right Twitter hashtags increases engagement for businesses by nearly 50%

A copywriter knows the correct style and technique to convey your business’s message in press releases, blog posts, sales leaflets, brochures, social media posts, annual or company reports, email promotions, and other content. 

Suggest Fresh Approaches

The biggest challenge for most entrepreneurs is getting into the mindset of their consumers. A copywriter’s job involves intricately learning and observing the evolution of your customer to ensure you’re targeting them the right way and evolving your business as their needs change.

Therefore, they bring fresh, objective eyes into your business and write content in layperson’s terms that are more relatable to your audience. They also spot new opportunities, such as marketing channels that might attract new business.

The Best Interview Questions You Should Ask a Copywriter

Just like any other role, you can’t always be guaranteed that you’re hiring the best copywriter in the business. Therefore, you should be armed with the right questions to ensure the copywriter is the best fit.

Essentially, you should have good communication, test them with a first job, and decide whether you can move forward with more projects. 

Here’re a few excellent questions you can ask.

Are You Experienced Writing for My Industry?

This question helps establish that the copywriter knows your target market or consumers well. If they answer yes, you can ask for the specific companies they’ve worked for if they’re at liberty to mention them. 

Getting a no is not the end of the road, either. Some copywriters are willing to take up a challenge, so ask them if they can go through the learning curve.

What’s Your Research Process?

Good copywriters have an established research process before they start any project. Essentially, they should be able to dig deep into a business and discover its unique value proposition. 

An experienced copywriter with an excellent research process will tell you they need more than your business’s brief to get started.

Can You Show Your Writing Samples?

An experienced copywriter will have a selection of their best work to showcase to potential clients. The work may have already been published online or not.

You should ask more questions about those projects, such as how successful they were and how they approached them with the client.

What’s Your Preferred Style of Copy?

Each copywriter has their unique copywriting style. For instance, some prefer storytelling, while others take a more technical approach. This preference will help you prepare for the content you should expect from them.

What’s Your Favourite Service or Product Category to Write For?

Copywriters also have their preferred industry or category. However, you shouldn’t be too bothered if what they prefer is not in your industry. Still, they’ll be able to deliver well. 

If they say they prefer a challenge over something they’re familiar with, which is why they’ve considered the role, that’s a good sign.

Are You Familiar with Google Results Analysis and Keyword Research?

Not all copywriters offer keyword research and analysis. This question helps you determine if they can assess where your current copy could be improved to yield better search engine results.

Five Best Copywriting Companies You Can Work with in Sydney

Armed with the right interview questions, here are 5 great copywriting companies in Sydney that you can approach.

The Clever Copywriting School Job Board

The Clever Copywriting School is a group of local copywriters who, apart from looking for copywriting work through the group’s job board, attend various conferences and tutorships together to learn about freelance copywriting. 

You can use their website’s job board to post your copywriting project and have members apply and pitch their work.


Fiverr is a long-serving freelancing website that hosts several freelance copywriters globally. You can get a copywriter for any job or role across every industry.

You can narrow your search to Sydney and still find a long list of experienced copywriters. You can view their work, look at other clients’ reviews, and contact them for a quote or to learn more about their services. 

Fiverr is more of a transactional platform, given it’s an online board of freelance copywriters. You can often get simpler copywriting tasks done on the platform with good results.

Kieran Duffey

Kieran Duffey is one of the leading Australian copywriters with a wealth of experience creating engaging copies for various industries. He places a key emphasis on engagement, SEO, and return on investment.

Kieran’s services are excellent for small businesses with a small budget but big dreams to big corporates with sizable and complex demands. His SEO work is also exemplary, with a reputation in the industry for boosting Google rankings and improving website traffic.

Melotti Media

Melotti Media is a Sydney copywriting company famed for its excellent copywriting services. The company has several positive reviews from former clients with a diverse copywriting portfolio, making it a good choice for most brands.

The company, however, is not the cheapest in Sydney, so you will have to consider how much you’re willing to stretch in your budget. Nonetheless, they offer great services.


Bambrick is a digital marketing agency that also offers copywriting services. The company also specialises in Google Ads (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), website design and development, and social media advertising.

End Your Search with the Right Copywriter

A copywriter will be beneficial to your business. They’ll improve conversions, sales, and engagement and make your copies sound more professional. Contact a professional copywriter today and give your business the marketing and content edge it needs.

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