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11 Useful Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Without a Team

Thriving as a small business is getting more challenging by the day. According to statistics, there are 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S. This is up from 30 million reported two years earlier, in 2020. 

With such stiff competition, you need clever marketing strategies to oust the competition and yield a great return on your investments. As any modern marketer would tell you, investing heavily in digital marketing and a strong digital marketing team is the key to success in the modern business environment.

However, the latter is not always feasible, given that most small businesses start with about $3,000 in capital which’s usually not enough to cater for essential bills like payroll. 

But you’re not out of options.

Your best bet is to invest zero to little of your business capital in these 11 useful digital marketing tools that you can use alone before building a digital marketing team. Here’s all you need to know about them.

What are Digital Marketing Tools?

Digital marketing tools are online software that allow a marketer or marketing team to execute an effective digital marketing strategy to sell a brand’s products or services. These tools help with website management, email marketing, and keyword tracking, among other functions.

A digital marketer can leverage a digital marketing tool to increase the number of visitors to a business’s website, maintain the customer base, and analyse user data. 

Digital marketing tools are also helpful for social media campaigns and project management. Most tools can be used across industries, albeit some have specific tools for their products and services.

The Top 11 Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use Without a Team

Most digital marketing tools are created with a team in mind. Therefore, they have advanced features that make it easy to share data, collaborate, and manage projects internal to the team. However, some of these tools also support a single user, like a solopreneur starting in digital marketing.

These 11 tools are some of the best you can use if you’re working alone.


Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool. According to statistics, eight out of ten digital marketers use it in their strategy. Therefore, email marketing should be the first on your list.

MailChimp claims the top spot as one of the easiest and most effective email marketing tools you can use. The company provides email marketing and digital marketing solutions to over 12 million global customers.

Some of the reasons why MailChimp is preferred by most digital marketers include:

  • It has a long history dating back to 2001. Most companies were yet to discover and use email marketing.
  • It has excellent self-service options, ensuring you get answers to your query about the tool quickly.
  • It offers a free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers, with more than 12,000 emails per month.

When you’re starting, MailChimp’s free plan will be sufficient for your business. You will have enough time to experiment with the tool and build a solid email marketing strategy before engagement and conversion rates grow, and you need to pay for more than 2,000 subscribers monthly.


A business relies heavily on the right sales, marketing, and CRM tools. And when it comes to offering these features in one package, HubSpot does a great job compared to other tools.

For its marketing software solution, HubSpot makes it easy to design a marketing funnel and manage the movement of your leads through the funnel. To ensure you can create a robust marketing funnel, HubSpot’s marketing software solution comes with tools that help with the following:

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Lead management
  • Website
  • Marketing automation
  • Calls-to-action
  • Analytics
  • Email.

Therefore, you have everything you need to start strongly with your digital marketing campaigns.


Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is one of the most popular buzzwords in digital marketing. Tracking and improving this number will be one of the key differentiators between your business’s success and the competition.

To put this into perspective, data shows that the average conversion rate across all industries is 2.35%. Target going slightly higher than this, and you’re building a good edge over the competition.

However, you need the right tool, specifically VWO, to do that.

VWO, the acronym for Visual Web Optimizer, is a digital marketing tool that measures page scrolling from users, on-site clicks, exit intent, and time spent on site by visitors. VWO tests different angles of your site to give you more effective options to improve its conversion rate.

VWO allows you to test crucial elements of your site, such as button colours for CTAs, landing page layouts, and headlines. You don’t need technical knowledge to set up these tests, making VWO an easy-to-use tool for a solopreneur just starting.


Interactions and engagement with the modern consumer have changed drastically. According to data, 75% of modern consumers prefer chatting or texting with a business. This need has driven the demand for chat marketing automation tools like MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey lets your customers chat with your business and get instant in-person or automated replies. This chat automation tool connects your business to its customers through some of the most popular messaging channels, such as:

  • Instagram DMs
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Live Chat
  • SMS Text Messaging.

MobileMonkey also lets you access advanced tools to support customer chat and engagement, such as Facebook messaging lead ads, Instagram marketing tools, and live chat, in one platform.

For instance, when using Instagram, you can set up automatic replies to story mentions and post comments, boosting content reach and engagement rate, which gains your business more followers.

You can use the software’s inbox to view and respond to messages from all accounts, set up automated responses, collect lead information, and send your leads straight to other marketing tools you use.


Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool in all industries, regardless of size. According to data, 71% of consumers who’ve had a great social media experience with a brand will most likely recommend it to others.

The power of having social media in your digital marketing strategy is what makes a tool like Hootsuite a must-have in your digital marketing strategy. Hootsuite takes the role of your social media manager, allowing you to schedule social media posts in advance and engage your audience when they’re the most active.

Some of the impressive features Hootsuite provides to help grow your business include:

  • Replying to mentions and comments in the dashboard for all connected social media platforms
  • Post-scheduling to save yourself time and engage your audience when they’re the most active
  • Pre-written responses to quickly respond to comments or mentions.

Hootsuite allows you to link up to 30 platforms to its dashboard and manage and schedule them in one location. That’s a much better experience than frustratingly dealing with each.


When it comes to SEO, specifically brainstorming keyword ideas and exploring opportunities to rank, Ahrefs is an excellent tool.

The platform features a site explorer that allows you to check the top organic keywords for a URL and estimate how much traffic you or a competitor is getting for a given search term. You can also use the tool to discover sources of backlinks and the top-performing content for a site.

Therefore, Ahrefs gives you an excellent analysis tool for your competition and website.


OptiMonk uses pop-ups to reduce bounce rates and keep your site visitors engaged. The tool emphasises exit intent messages and lead capture, using behaviour-based targeting to show pop-ups at the right time and keep your site visitors on the page.

Without an advanced tool such as OptiMonk, such pop-ups would be disruptive and cause a bad user experience.

Therefore, OptiMonk encourages you to segment your marketing messages and deliver them on the site only when they make sense. You get to provide different messages for first-time visitors and returning buyers, ensuring your marketing campaigns relevantly speak to each customer instead of treating them in a one-size-fits-all fashion.

One of the most significant upsides of OptiMonk is that it’s easy to use with a ton of templates to get you started.


Landing pages are a crucial element in any digital marketing campaign. According to statistics, unlike a general website that will win you conversion rates of about 2.35%, landing pages boast an average conversion rate of 26%.

Even major digital marketing platforms place a great emphasis on your campaign’s landing page. For instance, if you’re running a PPC campaign, Google Ads places a quality score on your landing page that can hurt or thrive your campaign.

Unbounce provides a cost-effective way to design and optimise responsive landing pages for desktop and mobile traffic. These landing pages are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, you don’t need any coding knowledge to build them.

Unbounce comes loaded with a drag-and-drop editor that gives you all you need to create a landing page suited for your target consumer. You can still add advanced functionality using custom HTML and Javascript.

Unbounce also offers over 120 integrations with third-party applications. It also features smart traffic, an AI technology that dynamically shifts your traffic to the highest-converting landing page to boost conversion rates.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and potent digital marketing tool from Google that should be part of your digital marketing strategy from the start. To some marketers, it’s one of the free market’s most powerful digital marketing tools.

Adding Google Analytics code to your website takes only minutes. With the code, you can track every action of every visitor to your site and get insightful data about these actions.

For instance, you can see where traffic to your website comes from, enabling you to estimate the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, such as a social media campaign.

With data from Google Analytics, you can adjust your future digital marketing strategy and find areas where you can drive more leads and conversions. You can also discover the keywords that drive the most traffic and keep them in mind when creating content.


Keyword research can be challenging and expensive, given the high cost of premium keyword research tools. However, you don’t have to spend top dollar to know what your consumers are searching for.

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research software that does more than the typical freeware. Its dashboard is simple to use and navigate, making it easy to find the data you’re looking for. All you have to do is enter the domain or root keyword you want to research and get the insights you need.

Ubersuggest offers up to three free searches daily on the free version. The paid version of the software offers more features and better value than most other paid options.

Ubersuggest offers useful keyword information such as difficulty, total search volume, and paid difficulty if you want to run an ad campaign using that keyword.

You also get historical data that shows how the keyword has trended over time, which can help you decide on seasonal keywords for a seasonal ad campaign.


Entrepreneurs starting out have to deal with the headache of learning about their market. Despite having started knowing a thing or two about the market and competition, once you dig around more, you discover tons of data you can use to your advantage.

BuzzSumo makes it easier to understand your competition and learn what type of content performs best with your audience and search engines. With each result, you get high-level data showing metrics such as total shares and other essential information to help you create captivating blog content.

Even if you may struggle initially to make sense of all the data, continuously using BuzzSumo helps improve the understanding of your target audience and competition and better align your content strategy for better lead generation and conversion.

Still Consider Professional Services to Give Your Business an Edge

There’s so much you can do relying on these eleven tools to boost your digital marketing efforts and yield great leads, conversion rates, and ROI. However, you must scale. And to do that, consider getting the services of a professional to give your business a further edge.

Over to You…

Do you agree with 11 Useful Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Without a Team? Or is there something missing, or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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