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Why No One Cares About You (a Copywriting Fundamental)

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No one cares about you.


They care about:

  • Themselves
  • Their world, and
  • Their problems.


Sounds harsh but it is the truth!


·       It’s the most fundamental piece of copywriting advice anyone can ever give you, and

·       The quicker you accept it the quicker you will have success.



Armed with this knowledge here is what you do instead.




1. Focus on Your Reader


Customer centric performance or client focused offers tiny persons concept

And that starts by identifying your audience and Inc explain how to do that here.


Because once you’ve identified your core audience, crafting copy for them becomes easier.


Starting with saying ‘you’ more often.


And avoiding the word ‘I.’


Ultimately put yourself in your reader’s world and:


  • Write about benefits not just features (3 steps on on how to do it here)
  • Appeal to emotions (8 emotional triggers here)
  • Inject personality (because boring copy sucks and here’s how to fix it).



2. Focus on Engagement

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Engaging your audience is part of the 80% art of copywriting.


You can’t persuade if you don’t engage with:


  • A powerful headline (how to refine it in this 60 second tip video)
  • Clarity (as opposed to cleverness explained in this 60 second tip video)
  • Customer centric copy (mentioned in focus on your reader – 1)
  • Consistent engagement (as consistency is everything).

And don’t forget to inject personality to differentiate yourself from the competition (key) and succeed with a:



Because boring copy sucks and this anti-boring guide by Clever Copywriting School is a useful resource to make you copy more interesting.




3. Focus on Value

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Value creation is the foundation of business.


Therefore, it’s the expectation a reader has when digesting content.


No value = goodbye = I have better things to do (you bored me).

Value = satisfaction = I’m interested to learn more (even a little about you).


Have value engrained within your brain when crafting any copy.


And be willing to capture data (for example surveys) to understand:


What is important to your audience and how you can solve those problems through ‘value.’





Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States once said:


“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”


So, show your reader you care by focusing on:

  • Them (their world and problems)
  • Engagement (an art that can learnt)
  • Value (providing it consistently).


Because only then will you win in the game of copywriting!


Over to You…

Do you agree or disagree with Why No One Cares About You (a Copywriting Fundamental?). Or is there something missing or you would like to add?? Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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