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Overcoming Writer’s Block: One Simple Tip


Scour the net (hereherehere for example) and you will find countless ‘resources’ on overcoming dreaded writer’s block.

The problem (multiple options) = a chore (to read).

Your ‘writer’s block’ = writing is a chore (right now).

Your solution = one simple tip to abolishing writer’s block once and for all!


  1. Take 3 big deep breaths (as deep you can)
  2. Grab your nearest pen (or anything you can write with)
  3. Paper (or anything you can write on).

Table of Contents

blank notepad with pencil



On your paper (or whatever it is).

Then force yourself to ‘write’ the ‘first 3 things’ on your mind.

man kicking door with force

Right at this moment.

And you ‘must’ (critical to success), force yourself, no matter how you feel (besides being unwell – then get the right help obviously).

man kicking door with force

Again, the ‘first 3 things’ on your mind.

And that is ‘anything’ that first comes to your mind.

number 1 in blue


Again, you must ‘force yourself.’

Picture that this is worth $10,000,000 to you or whatever it takes!

Because this is the ‘process’ of overcoming writer’s block.

process symbol

Because (by forcing yourself), you have acted, and now are operating on instinct (when you’re at your best!).

baby turtle crawling towards ocean

Because who cares what you wrote down?!

That is not the point of this exercise.

  • Whether you hate life
  • Whether you are frustrated
  • Whether you think this is nonsense.

It doesn’t matter!

Because you have now (by doing this exercise)

  • Pushed ‘through’ your writer’s block
  • Acted ‘on’ your writer’s block.
single black key

You are now ‘in-tune’ with your thoughts, and as a writer, that’s when you’re at your best!

And next?


Well (if you’re burnt out) and found this ‘nonsense’, then it might be time to:

  • Go for a long walk
  • Fly a kite
  • Choose whatever non-writing activity that inspires you to take action.
hot air balloon over mountains and clouds


But if you found this was not hard (we told you it wasn’t!), then it’s time to:

  • Build off this momentum
  • Take your in-tune thoughts
  • Go off ‘instinct’

And just start ‘writing’ your next content piece, to abolish writer’s block, once and for all!

Over to You…

Did you get benefit out of this ‘Simple’ Tip for Overcoming Writer’s Block? Or is it not the solution for you?? Crazy or un-crazy as it might sound – copywriting is 80% art –discussed in this top blog post.  Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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