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Embrace the Symmetry of 3’s in Copywriting and Win Big!

Let's Talk All About How 1, 2 and 3 Can Benefit You in Copywriting!
Let's Talk All About How 1, 2 and 3 Can Benefit You in Copywriting!

Us humans sure like to complicate things…


Faced with a problem (say it’s a big one) quite often we second guess our initial ‘instinct’ and:

– Come up with

– Get more opinions, or

– Go searching for more solutions.


Maybe it is:

– An additional one (or two)

– 5 (or 6)

– 10 (or 20)…


Or maybe just non-stop until we find the:


Very Best Solution.


Whatever it is (for you)…


The Symmetry of 3’s in Copywriting allows you to:

1. Break down information overload (and that’s big time)

2. Focus on the big picture (critical to success), and

3. Simplify (drastically) any Copywriting task!


Let’s dive straight into it…


But first:

Take a deep breath 

Open your mind, and

Get ready to…


Embrace the symmetry of 3’s in Copywriting and win big!

1. What is Symmetry in Copywriting Anyway?

large mountain in front of lake
Picture this Stunning Beauty when it Comes to Symmetry in Copywriting!

Firstly no…


We are not talking about symmetry in mathematics (a type of invariance).


It is time to think ‘subjective’ because…


Symmetry in Copywriting is an ‘art.’


And as we discussed in top blog post – Copywriting is 80% Art.



Beauty, and ultimately



Is the end-result of “Symmetry” in Copywriting.


Spot on

Just Right







You nailed it

You hit a homer

You smashed it out of the park…

basballer smashing home run out of park

Are all examples of different human interpretations of what can only be described as the ‘holy grail’ of Copywriting and that is……




But what is it exactly??


Again (this is not science) but ‘art’ – therefore it is subjective and always open to interpretation by any reader.


However – let’s give some examples of symmetry in Copywriting and literally the sky is the limit (but will try not to bore you!).


 It could be a Copywriter’s ability to consistently…


– Write short 2-3 line ‘paragraphs’ always (using the beauty of spacing)

– Write with tremendous ‘flow’ (building serious momentum), or

– Write in a ‘way’ (that is understandable to all).


It could be a Copywriter’s ability to consistently…


– Deliver killer headlines (that immediately capture the target audience)

– Deliver intros, bodies and conclusions (that force anyone to read), or

– Deliver solutions to all reader problems (forcing them to take action!)


It could be a Copywriter’s ability to consistently…


– Prepare well (having done the right research)

– Execute (with the right strategy), and

– Fine tune (any content piece).


Maybe it is the:


Layout, or

Multimedia used.


Maybe it is the:

Word usage

Sentence structure, or

Examples used.


Maybe it is the:


Ability to Inspire, or

The “Ultimate Connection.”


Bored yet?

bored woman balancing pencil on nose

Enough examples??


Because whatever it is (and yes, we told you this was art – subjective in all its glory!)…


The result of symmetry in Copywriting is the ability to:



Engage, and



The target audience to take some form of action.


And that action is not always ‘now’ and could be:


At some point in the future.








Is exactly what you build with your target audience when you master the ‘art’ of Symmetry of Copywriting and that is of course key to:


Winning Copy that both your users and Google loves – hello high rankings!


That is “Symmetry in Copywriting” explained (without boring, overloading or confusing you) but now let’s take symmetry even further by explaining the…


“Symmetry of 3’s” in Copywriting!

2. What is the Symmetry of 3’s in Copywriting?

3 fists embracing as one
Open Your Mind and Get Ready to Embrace the Symmetry of 3's in Copywriting!



Confused already?!!






Quite simply…


You take your Copywriting problem (no matter the size) and:


Simplify (from the very highest level)

Then simplify again (from a high level), and ultimately

Simplify your Copywriting task (one last time) by…


Breaking it down into:


3 Core Areas.

number 3 in black on yellow background
Ready to Break Down Your Copywriting Problem into 3 Areas with the Symmetry of 3's?


 It works because it is:

1. Simple (we can all count to 3!)

2. Effective (not too much or too little), and ultimately

3. Gets results.


Even write it down!


Because did you know (as reported by the BBC) that your brain benefits from good old pen and paper?

businessman writing in diary at organised desk
Put Pen to Paper with the Symmetry of 3's for Better Results!

And do not sweat it if you cannot initially break your Copywriting into 3 core areas.


3 = the ideal state (where you want to get to) to simplify completely.



A list of 5, 7 or 10 core areas is ‘easily’ and ‘quickly’ condensed into 3 through:



Patience, and ultimately

Focusing on what really matters = the big picture!

man looking through large telescope


Whether it be:


Video script copy

Website copy, or

Blog copy


Email copy

SEO copy, or

Brand copy…


A small job

Medium job, or a

Large job…


Simplify the Task into 3 Core Areas and then:


Try again, again and again (not necessarily 3 times – but until you slowly have mastered the art!).

The Symmetry of 3's is an Art that Can be Mastered much Like the Art of a Samurai!
The Symmetry of 3's is an Art that Can be Mastered much Like the Art of a Samurai!

And then ask yourself this…


Does the problem seem…


Simpler now to solve??


And if the answer is YES…


Then try applying it your copy (again from the highest level) and not getting OCD about it…


In a micromanaging (and obsessive) way where you do absolutely all your copy in 3’s (something this blog post is not trying to do!).


Because the ‘magic of 3’ is that it is a number that is:

young boy performing different magic tricks


Not too high, and

Not too low (to state the obvious!).


Ultimately (and as mentioned in the intro):


Human nature is too complicate (as we are ultimately driven by emotions).




The “Symmetry of 3’s” uncomplicates with beautiful simplicity (something we all need in our life!).

blue feather resting on surface

And the evidence??


Scour the net and you will not find much but:




Works (3 words).


Sit down ‘Partner’ (you say to your misbehaving partner – 3 words)

Sit down ‘Samantha’ (you say to your 4-year-old daughter – again 3 words)

Sit down ‘Milo’ (you say to your disobedient pet dog – again 3 words)


And again 3 (is not too high and not too low) – forcing you to go to the biggest picture (as explained earlier).


Do I have a degree in psychology – no!




Do I believe in the Symmetry of 3’s – hell absolute 100% YES.


And the only way to find out for yourself is to give it a try on your next Copywriting project!


That is “Symmetry of 3’s Copywriting” explained but what exactly are the benefits??


Let’s explain!

3. What Benefits the Symmetry of 3’s Can Bring to your Copywriting!

Listen Closely to All the Symmetry of 3's Benefits in Copywriting and then Decide!

The number 1 benefit the “Symmetry of 3’s” can bring to your copy is that by:


Simplifying the problem (you get to the solution quicker).




As any user (say one browsing the web when very tired at night before bed) will tell you…


Do not bore me (with small talk) and get to the solution quickly!

woman putting final shape in place

More solutions = more problems solved = key to winning copy.


Other benefits??


As discussed earlier (in this blog post) it makes you really:


Focus on what truly matters (without overcomplication) and this means…


You can save serious time as a Copywriter (time being so precious)

You can make a start quicker as a Copywriter (nothing beats starting)

You can get the end-result quicker as a Copywriter ($$$ and happy client time!)


And as discussed (in this blog post) Copywriting is 80% Art and therefore even if you:


Feel skeptical about the “Symmetry of 3’s”…


Again (as discussed in this blog post)…


The 20% Science of Copywriting (Skills, experience and qualifications for example) can only get you so far!


You need that bit of ‘magic’ or ‘instinct’ (as we discussed in the 3 Golden Keys to Success in Copywriting) to:


Take your Copywriting to the Next Level and Beyond.


Another ‘benefit’ is mental.


Because mastering your ‘mental game’ (like life) is also…


Half the battle in Copywriting!


The “Symmetry of 3” helps you mentally by giving you a:


– Clear “roadmap”

– Working “compass”


That ultimately…


Triggers (deep within your brain)…


And for every copywriting job that you do…


That this is a “Clear Process” and because you are following a “Clear Process”


Your Brain says this is Easy and NOT hard!


1. Being present (ignoring the past and focusing on future)

2. Trusting your talent (absolute key)

3. Not beating yourself up (all the time)

4. Being positive (whenever possible)

5. Belief (the ultimate)

6. Being yourself (we all have to)

7. Overcoming fear of failure (the enemy)

8. Having the highest standards (to elevate yourself to the next level)

9. Being patient (not always forcing action)

10. Surrounding yourself with people that believe in you (coach, partner or whoever)…


Are 10 tips to improve your mental toughness (expanded upon here) and the “Symmetry of 3’s”can go a long way in…


Mastering all ten of these tips!

fingers holding key points on graph

These are the benefits (again the main benefit being ‘simplification’ of the problem) that the “Symmetry of 3’s” can bring to your Copywriting.


And now that we have discussed the benefits…


Let’s quickly wrap this blog post up!

Embrace the Symmetry of 3’s in Copywriting and Win Big Wrap-Up

video wrap
Let's Quickly Wrap this Blog Post Up!

Take any Copywriting problem (no matter the size) and:


Simplify (from the very highest level)

Then simplify again (from a high level), and ultimately

Simplify your Copywriting task (one last time) by…


Breaking it down into:


3 Core Areas.


It works because it is:

1. Simple (we can all count to 3!) 

2. Effective (not too much or too little), and ultimately 

3. Gets results.


Mastering the “Symmetry of 3’s” allows you to:

– Get to the solution (much quicker)

– Succeed in the art of Copywriting (all 80% of it), and

– Win the mental game (half the battle)…


Taking your Copywriting to the Next Level and Beyond!


Over to You…

Are you ready to embrace the “Symmetry of 3’s” in Copywriting and Win Big! Would love to hear from you in the comments – any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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