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What You Don’t Want

  • About You content
  • Redundant content
  • Directionless content

What You Want

  • Target Audience Content
  • Evergreen Content
  • Actionable Content

Copywriter Toowoomba Expert

As your Toowoomba copywriter expert, I build your brand better by listening to what your target audience wants through effective research and then execute with copy that connects with what your customer really wants (what matters).

For example: A customer looking for a ‘picnic rug’ may not actually want a picnic rug but rather they want an ‘enjoyable’ and ‘relaxing’ way to spend time with families/friends/colleagues in the great outdoors.

So comprehensive research is critical to your Toowoomba brand’s copywriting project success as we need to pinpoint:

  • Buyer personas: To get an understanding of who your ideal customer is based on market research, data and some smart/educated assumptions.
  • Knowing your product/service: And this knowledge must be comprehensive – like what does it do, how does it standout and what does it look like/feel like/taste like?
  • Key problems: Also known as your customer pain points – because it’s proven in marketing that your customers are more driven by ‘pain’ than gain.
  • Key benefits: As although ‘features’ play a key role in copywriting it’s optimal to place a greater emphasis on the benefits of your product/service.
  • Psychological triggers: For your project/market that make an emotional connection with your target audience and inspire some form of action.

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The Copywriting Process

My copywriting process is outlined here as a FYI for you.

But to explain it further: My process not only guarantees success (like for my past and current clients here) but ensures your Toowoomba brand’s important copywriting project is completed with a:

  • Results-first approach: So each decision/step made on your content piece is like a high-performance car that drives with ‘meaning’ towards the final goal. And at each problem or roadblock we burst through the other side by turning these into better solutions that will maximise your conversions/revenue/return on investment.
  • Less is more approach: By this I mean I’m a huge believer in being concise. And this is the same with my communication. I get to the point quickly with a ‘direct’ approach. I will only need some of your precious time at the start of your project. Then you can get on with growing your business.
  • Productive approach: ‘Time is money’ is the focus that ensures your important deadline is met and often well in advance with an ‘under-promise and over-delivery’ brand motto that means not only your expectations are met but are exceeded. And optimal productivity is only achieved by focusing on what matters and not sweating the small stuff.

What my Clients Say About me

Provide Services Beyond Copywriting

So your Toowoomba brand knows ‘content is king’ to maximising your conversions – but crafting effective copy does not guarantee success alone (never has).

And that’s why you need services beyond copywriting.

Specifically, to drive you brand forward and grow exponentially you need:

  • Better planned websites: Because the good news for your brand is that most of your competitors rush the website planning process – this means we need to ensure we don’t follow our competitors and instead invest ‘smart time’ in planning out your website for maximum results long-term that means cash-flow is never a problem.

  • Functional websites: So like a car it cannot only ‘look great’ but it must ‘perform great’ – by intuitively guiding your website visitor to the next critical step with optimised Information architecture that moves them closer to calling/emailing you or a purchasing decision due to all their key questions being answered.
  • Prominent visibility: And my results SEO services that are 100% white hat ensure that your ‘money keywords’ are on the first page – because it’s the only place to be and it’s a joke amongst SEO’s that any other page besides the first is where they hide dead bodies – as your target audience never looks there.

Work with me and I’ll quickly show you copywriting is more than crafting words on a page!

What I Can
Do for You

Professional captivating copy that drives more conversions


Captivate, engage and persuade your target audience

Website Copy Writing

Drive more leads, customers & sales with conversion copy

SEO Copywriting

Get Google love with superior copy that fulfills user intent

Blog Copywriting

Build your brand bigger, better & bolder with authority copy

Email Copywriting

Establish great relationships with value-driven copy

Small Business

Grow your business and dominate your market with direct response copy

Video Scripts

Forget 7 or 8 seconds… you only have ½ a second to impress

Keyword Research

Winning in SEO starts with great keyword research

Information Architecture

Create the easiest and most pleasant experience for your users


That focuses only on the big picture – return on investment

10 Reasons to Do Business with Kieran Duffey

With over 15 years’ experience in copywriting; your business needs, success and results are put first with:

  • Professional copy
  • Friendly service
  • Captivating copy
  • Affordability
  • Engaging copy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Persuasive copy
  • Problem solving
  • Conversion copy
  • Results focus

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