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What You Don’t Want

  • Wordy content
  • Weak content
  • Unimportant content

What You Want

  • Concise Content
  • Persuasive Content
  • Valuable Content

Copywriter Perth Expert

As a highly experienced copywriter serving Perth: I maximise conversions for your brand by getting your phone ringing more/email inbox full with copy that has purpose, adds value and satisfies your audience to inspire action.

And I achieve this by doing effective research (to draw the baseline for success), simplifying your content (to ensure anyone can understand) and speaking your ideal customer’s language (for better connection).

‘Content is king’ but you can only get the full potential out of your content by using proven methods (copywriting formulas) that eliminate guesswork and fast track your copywriting success.

Successful copywriting is 80% art and 20% science – so anyone can learn the fundamentals – but without applying the 80% art, only mediocre results will be achieved.

With over 15 years copywriting/SEO experience I know the 80% art: With shrinking human attention spans each sentence crafted must be ‘meaningful’ to engage your target audience ‘emotionally’, prompt them to read more by being ‘informative’ and trigger some form of action.

Whether that action be signing up to your newsletter, filling out a form, calling your business or making a purchase. ‘Action’ that drives conversions from results copywriting is my #1 goal and focus for your Perth brand.

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The Copywriting Process

You can read my copywriting process here.

An effective copywriting process (like mine) is fundamental to the success of your project and mine is a 360-degree process that has been refined over my 15+ years in copywriting to ensure maximum results for all clients (check out my testimonials as proof).

The success of my process comes down to ‘winning communication’ at every step of the copywriting process – so that’s from the very first time speaking to you as a client to long after any work is complete (to ensure maximum ongoing success for your brand).

This is a 5-step breakdown of my copywriting process from a high-level:

  1. Get to know you (called a probe interview)
  2. Conduct effective research (where I dig like a miner to uncover all the solutions to your problems)
  3. Conceptualisation of content (figuring out the best plan of attack to execute your content)
  4. Crafting of content (the magic happens here but it’s only the result of the prior steps)
  5. Review/revisions of content (relax as I provide unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied guaranteed).

But my copywriting process does not end once the content is published. Because consistent ‘testing’ of your content (as well as assessing your analytics) is what ensures maximum content success for your Perth brand.

What my Clients Say About me

Provide Services Beyond Copywriting

As your highly experienced copywriter serving Perth, I can build your brand better from a marketing point of view (because an advanced marketer is what I am).

Please understand (as a copywriter) I’m more than a content creator. I’m effectively a ‘psychologist’ and expert in ‘human behaviour’ for your target market – that can drive your brand more conversions with a better understanding of what makes your prospects tick and act.

My services that complement copywriting include:

  • Website planning:

Where I take your stress away by mapping out for you a better website in line with best practices that will convert.

Creating the most pleasant experience for users on your site to get from point a to point b intuitively

  • Conversion rate optimisation:

To ensure you are maximising the potential of your current resources for better return on investment.

Overcomplicated by so many but a simplified approach (that focuses on what matters) is the only way to ensure maximum online visibility.

  • Building your brand better:

If in doubt ask me – because again remember as a copywriter I’m an advanced marketer – so happy to help and guide you on any aspect that enhances your brand.

What I Can
Do for You

Professional captivating copy that drives more conversions


Captivate, engage and persuade your target audience

Website Copy Writing

Drive more leads, customers & sales with conversion copy

SEO Copywriting

Get Google love with superior copy that fulfills user intent

Blog Copywriting

Build your brand bigger, better & bolder with authority copy

Email Copywriting

Establish great relationships with value-driven copy

Small Business

Grow your business and dominate your market with direct response copy

Video Scripts

Forget 7 or 8 seconds… you only have ½ a second to impress

Keyword Research

Winning in SEO starts with great keyword research

Information Architecture

Create the easiest and most pleasant experience for your users


That focuses only on the big picture – return on investment

10 Reasons to Do Business with Kieran Duffey

With over 15 years’ experience in copywriting; your business needs, success and results are put first with:

  • Professional copy
  • Friendly service
  • Captivating copy
  • Affordability
  • Engaging copy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Persuasive copy
  • Problem solving
  • Conversion copy
  • Results focus

Would Love to Hear
from You!

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