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What You Don’t Want

  • Filler content
  • Lifeless content
  • Guesswork content

What You Want

  • Concise Content
  • Powerful Content
  • Proven Content

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Your target audience’s attention is shorter than a goldfish (it’s proven) and therefore you need to ‘impact’ quickly/give them what they already want.

Research is always fundamental to success and execution is achieved with concise, engaging and persuasive copy that inspires some form of action using proven methods (through copywriting formulas).

Creativity is part of the ‘art’ of copywriting but it’s key to stick to best practices because success comes from following a ‘proven’ approach rather than reinventing the wheel.

Proven methods work for the big brands and can work for your Melbourne brand too!

Your target audience is driven by emotions first and logic second when it comes to most purchasing decisions.

Therefore, you must build deep connections with your customers before you motivate them to take action.

Successful copy is all about striking the right balance between emotional appeal in your copy (that is sure to increase sales) and logical appeal (that justifies a purchase decision).

I have over 15 years’ copywriting/SEO experience helping countless Melbourne (and Australian) businesses grow exponentially with proven copy focused on results, growth and return on investment.

Would love to discuss the copywriting requirements for your Melbourne brand.

I never sweat the small stuff and only focus on the big picture (what matters) to achieve maximum results. Just check out my testimonials as proof of this.

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The Copywriting Process

You can read my copywriting process here.

A copywriting brief (which you send back to me) is highly recommended because it’s the ‘magic’ behind copywriting results – here is my brief that I ask you to send back to me.

Just that little bit of ‘extra time’ you spend on your brief ensures I focus on what matters and follow the quickest path to your important project’s success.

The copywriting process is always kicked off with effective research because it’s crucial to success and therefore it’s compulsory.

If you skip this step, then you will leave serious money on the table and not maximise results for your important project.

Simply: Effective research > more possibilities > better outcomes.

After the effective research is complete, for ‘medium’ and ‘large’ copywriting projects, I conduct a probe interview with you where I ask you 15 minutes of targeted questions.

Your answers to these targeted questions, along with the effective research, forms the ‘baseline’ for the success of your project.

Note: For ‘small’ copywriting projects ‘effective research’ is compulsory (like all projects) but the probe interview is not necessary – as it does not enhance the process and overall results.

Results for your project are all that matter, and you have unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied guaranteed.

What my Clients Say About me

Provide Services Beyond Copywriting

With proven skills in marketing, branding, advertising, psychology and human behaviour (as well as results copy) I have the right expertise to build your brand better.

For example, do you need help with:

  • Planning your website?

I can help ‘structure’ and ‘arrange’ information on your website (known as Information architecture) to be in line with best practices to enhance ‘user experience’ and maximise conversions.

  • Ranking higher in Google with SEO friendly copy?

I specialise in SEO copywriting and what matters most is fulfilling ‘user intent’ for the searcher – in other words solving their key problem/s and also helping Google achieve its #1 goal of satisfying user intent.

  • Improving conversions for your website?

While the big picture factors that improve conversions are obvious to most people, I swear by the ‘one percenters.’ On their own they don’t mean much, but when you optimise for all the ‘one percenters’ across your site, they are powerful as a whole.

  • SEO that focuses on return on investment?

There are over 200 ranking factors in the Google search algorithm but rather than overcomplicating SEO – it’s best to focus only on the big picture (what matters) – because this is what maximises results sooner.

  • Anything to build your brand better?

I will always guide you on the most ‘effective’ techniques and strategies to build your brand better. And if I can’t help you, I’m always happy to point you in the right direction with honest, upfront and transparent advice.

What I Can
Do for You

Professional captivating copy that drives more conversions


Captivate, engage and persuade your target audience

Website Copy Writing

Drive more leads, customers & sales with conversion copy

SEO Copywriting

Get Google love with superior copy that fulfills user intent

Blog Copywriting

Build your brand bigger, better & bolder with authority copy

Email Copywriting

Establish great relationships with value-driven copy

Small Business

Grow your business and dominate your market with direct response copy

Video Scripts

Forget 7 or 8 seconds… you only have ½ a second to impress

Keyword Research

Winning in SEO starts with great keyword research

Information Architecture

Create the easiest and most pleasant experience for your users


That focuses only on the big picture – return on investment

10 Reasons to Do Business with Kieran Duffey

With over 15 years’ experience in copywriting; your business needs, success and results are put first with:

  • Professional copy
  • Friendly service
  • Captivating copy
  • Affordability
  • Engaging copy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Persuasive copy
  • Problem solving
  • Conversion copy
  • Results focus

Would Love to Hear
from You!

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