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What You Don’t Want

  • Long-drawn-out content
  • Sleepy content
  • Unconvincing content

What You Want

  • Concise Content
  • Engaging Content
  • Persuasive Content

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The magic behind copywriting is the effective use of the most ‘relevant’ words at that decisive moment to captivate, inspire and motivate your target audience to make a decision that positively impacts your Hobart brand’s conversions and return on investment (ROI) long-term.

And as your copywriter Hobart expert with over a decade of experience – that’s what I do for your brand.

Because I care about your content success as much as you do – and that’s why not only do I create your content using proven methods to maximise success – but I ‘consistently’ test your content to get even better results that exceed your expectations (my goal).

When you do business with me as your highly skilled/knowledgeable/motivated Hobart copywriter I guarantee you a straight shooter approach to achieve maximum success – so I will always tell you how it is (even if it causes a minor disagreement) to take your results to the next level.

My brand is based on helping your brand succeed with 3 proven pillars to success (professionalism/transparency/commitment) and practically I ensure content is king for your brand with better research, conceptualisation, communication and content that converts (what matters).

Would love for you to be my next happy Hobart client and get the results that my clients right around Australia have achieved.

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The Copywriting Process

It’s critical that for your important project that my copywriting process is followed to ensure less stress, a smoother approach and that maximum success is achieved for your brand – whatever metric you put on that – like increased calls/emails, conversions, revenue and ROI for example.

Because copywriting is 80% art and 20% science (always has been) – so to bring the ‘art’ and ‘science’ together for optimal results – you need a bulletproof copywriting process (like mine) to ensure the right action on your project that is:

  • Simplified (because it’s crucial for all parties involved that all concepts can be explained simply for better understanding to enable action)
  • Logical (to ensure better reasoning through important decisions and solving of key problems that move us closer towards your goal).
  • Painless (as you are a busy business owner growing your brand – so minimum effort is guaranteed to obtain maximum results).

And I achieve this by:

  • Asking you key questions at the start of the process (that answers 99% of my questions and saves me hassling you in the future when you’re busy)
  • Undertaking comprehensive research (that leaves no stone unturned, uncovers key problems and forms actionable takeaways for your brand)
  • Crafting results copy (based on my 15+ years’ experience, implementation of best practices and advanced knowledge of marketing).

What my Clients Say About me

Provide Services Beyond Copywriting

Fact 1: Content is king.

But fact 2: Great content alone won’t achieve success for your brand.

Because take the Colosseum in Rome for example – when they first hosted the gladiator games in 264 BC – they built that amazing colosseum, but they only could they pack out each gladiator fight by getting the ‘word’ out there ‘effectively’ that they were hosting something great, and that it was worthy of attendance.

And the same goes for your content marketing strategy because you need:

  • Information architecture that creates the easiest/most pleasant experience for your users – And this is done through my expertise as a copywriter in psychology/human behaviour to most effectively get your target audience around your website with little thinking.
  • Consistent high-level assessment/fine-tuning – Because ‘continual improvement’ is an ongoing effort to improve your content/constantly get it better through incremental changes that will make a significant difference to the success of your important content project.

So start building your Hobart brand better today by engaging my services that go beyond copywriting to not only 100% satisfy you guaranteed but exceed your expectations!

What I Can
Do for You

Professional captivating copy that drives more conversions


Captivate, engage and persuade your target audience

Website Copy Writing

Drive more leads, customers & sales with conversion copy

SEO Copywriting

Get Google love with superior copy that fulfills user intent

Blog Copywriting

Build your brand bigger, better & bolder with authority copy

Email Copywriting

Establish great relationships with value-driven copy

Small Business

Grow your business and dominate your market with direct response copy

Video Scripts

Forget 7 or 8 seconds… you only have ½ a second to impress

Keyword Research

Winning in SEO starts with great keyword research

Information Architecture

Create the easiest and most pleasant experience for your users


That focuses only on the big picture – return on investment

10 Reasons to Do Business with Kieran Duffey

With over 15 years’ experience in copywriting; your business needs, success and results are put first with:

  • Professional copy
  • Friendly service
  • Captivating copy
  • Affordability
  • Engaging copy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Persuasive copy
  • Problem solving
  • Conversion copy
  • Results focus

Would Love to Hear
from You!

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